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MBA in Health/Hospital Management

This is the university’s flagship educational program which aims to develop trained professional managers with requisite skills in planning, implementation, operational management, diagnosis and problem solving, consultancy, and entrepreneurship. Through this rigorous program, graduates are able to manage hospitals and healthcare institutions globally, both in the public and the private sectors, thus meeting the demand for quality healthcare management.

PGDM iConnect

Insight Training and Career Management Program are embedded in the curriculum right from the beginning of the program in 1st year to make the students aready for the corporate world.


Live Projects are an inclusionin each subject which allows the students to carry out in-depth survey and study of a topic and make a presentation in from of the panel members and the class.


PGDM (e-Business) at MET Institute of Computer Science

  1. PGDM (e-Business) wins the Indian B School Specialisation Award
  2. Flexible and adaptable course structure to match the evolving market.
  3. Superior industrial curriculum and industrial expertise.
  4. Trains the students to be insightful managers of the future.
  5. Global internship opportunities across USA, UK, China and Dubai
  6. Freeship awards for meritorious students.
  7. Rich academic environment to provide a competitive edge.
  8. Nurturing entrepreneurship with zeal to excel.

PGDM (Marketing)

The PGDM Marketing program is a 2 year full time post graduate business management program designed for students from a wide variety of backgrounds. During the Program, the student will receive academic inputs on both ‘core’ and ‘ Marketing “courses


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