NMAT Admit Card

NMAT 2018 Admit card for the NMAT exam, to be held from October 4 to December 17, 2018, will be released by GMAC in 24 hours after your successful registration and completion of payment of NMAT exam fee.  The NMAT exam admit card is a document that contains your NMAT registration details and photograph. In order to take the NMAT 2018 exam, you are required to produce the NMAT 2018 Admit Card along with other required documents on the test day.

NMAT 2018 Applications Open: Know More and Register Now

NMAT Admit Card download dates
Immediately with the opening of NMAT 2018 registration process on July 3, 2018 till the registration ends with late fee on October 16, and the retake/rescheduling that ends on December 14, 2018, the candidates appearing in NMAT exam, will be issued the NMAT Admit card 2018 and updated Hall ticket to appear in the exam. 


The best part in the issuance of NMAT Admit Card 2018 is that it is issued within a day from the successful registration with payment of registration fee as prescribed by GMAC.


Key steps to access your NMAT Admit card 2018

  • Download your NMAT Admit Card 2018 from your NMAT account.
  • Do not wait for any hard copy of NMAT 2018 Admit card as it will not be sent
  • Take print of the NMAT 2018 admit card and affix your photograph on it in the given space
  • Must carry the NMAT 2018 Admit Card to exam centre as it is the mandatory document to appear in the exam

NMAT by GMAC Admit Card instructions
The NMAT 2018 Admit card prescribes test day documents needed along with NMAT Admit card for verification and test taking at NMAT 2018 exam centres in India. These are:

  • Print out of Confirmation email
  • Admit Card: Candidates are required to download their NMAT Admit Card

from their NMAT account and take the print out of the same to test centre.

  • Photocopy of the Photo ID for submission at the test centre.
  • Other documents as advised by NMAT by GMAC for differently abled candidates.
  • One valid Photo ID and another signature ID in original form must be presented from

the list below for candidates taking NMAT exam in India: (Only one from the list is needed)

  1. Passport issued by the Government of India
  2. PAN Card issued by the Government of India
  3. Voter's ID Card
  4. UID/Aadhaar Card
  5. List of Secondary IDs (containing candidate name and signature)
  6. Passport issued by the Government of India
  7. PAN Card issued by the Government of India
  8. Debit/Credit Card
  9. Driver's License​

NMAT Admit card: Key points to remember

  • Get your NMAT exam Admit Card signed by the test administrator at the designated place on the day of the NMAT exam.
  • Produce same signed NMAT by GMAC 2018 Admit Card, if you are opting to retake the NMAT exam. Please check that this NMAT 2018 Admit card is duly signed and stamped by the test Administrator.
  • Check your printed photograph on your NMAT 2018 Admit Card is clearly visible. If the photo is blank or not clearly visible, contact the help desk on official NMAT website or send email to update the photo. You will not be allowed to take the test if the test administrator is unable to match your photo.
  • No admission without NMAT Admit Card to the test Centre. If you do not carry NMAT exam Admit Card to the testing centre on the day of your scheduled exam, you will not be allowed to appear in the test.