SPJIMR Mumbai Fees

SPJIMR Mumbai: The Science and Art of Attracting Bright Students, before IIMs!

Realizing that it takes more than IQ to be a great business leader, top IIMs have taken many measures to improve the ‘diversity’ and ‘profile’ of their batch. One B-school that understood that ‘quality’ of a candidate can’t just be measured by CAT scores alone and is way ahead of IIMs, having implemented unique profile based admission process decades back, is Mumbai based SPJIMR. As a result, it has attracted not just the usual CAT toppers, but the real life achievers as well. Let’s find out more about unique admission process at SPJIMR, and how it can help you..

What makes SPJIMR’s Placements tick? Unique Admission Process, Autumn Placements and other mantras

The average salary for Final Placements 2018 at SPJIMR Mumbai was Rs 22.24 lakhs. This​ compares well with top business schools such as the premier IIMs and XLRI..​ Also,​ the profiles offered on campus are among the most sought after in the industry with the recruiter list comprising of organisations that B-school graduates across the nation aspire to join.​ How do SPJIMR students manage to convince India Inc to hire them, at top salaries? MBAUniverse.com finds out the success mantras... Apply Now

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