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TISSNET 2019 paper analysis by MBAUniverse.com will be available on TISSNET 2019 exam date immediately after completion of TISSNET 2019 exam in January 2019. TISSNET exam analysis will help you to assess your performance in the online computer based TISSNET 2019 exam.


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 TISSNET 2019 exam Analysis will reflect on the following key points:

  • TISSNET Analysis on overall TISSNET exam pattern, total questions, time duration, overall difficulty level, expected overall cut offs, overall calculation of TISSNET percentile
  • TISSNET exam Analysis on Sectional pattern, type of questions, sectional difficulty level, TISSNET cut offs by experts
  • Ideal attempts in TISSNET exam with required accuracy level to clear cut offs for different TISS programmes
  • TISSNET analysis leading to expected percentile predictions by experts as per TISSNET scoring pattern


TISSNET Analysis 2018
The TISSNET 2017 test paper awarded the opportunity to the students to score heavily in the English and Logical & Analytical section of the paper. Barring a few questions, almost all the 60 questions were solvable and there was sufficient time to attempt every question.


The only difference were the marks one could get in the General Knowledge section. A student who is thoroughly in tune with the present happenings in the country and abroad and one who has a habit of going through the newspapers regularly, found this section easy to crack. There was a heavy dose of Static GK too which could make a difference in the eventual marks that one gets in the exam.


A good student would have attempted the three sections in the following manner

Section No of Question Time Limit Expected Corrects
General Knowledge 40 15 15+
Logical Reasoning 15 20 13
Mathematics 7 10 6
Data Interpretation 8 12 7
Verbal Ability 25 25 20+
Reading Comprehension 5 8 8
  100 90 66

* Buffer of at least10 minutes

Verbal and Reading Comprehension (30 questions)
The English section had the following pattern

Area No of Questions Difficulty Level
Analogies 4 Easy
Sentence Correction 3 Easy
Fill-in-blanks (Vocab/English Usage) 9 Easy
Idioms and phrases 4 Easy
Odd Man Out 3 Easy
Antonyms 2 Easy
Total 25 EASY


There was ONE Reading Comprehension passage on Nutrition for injured athletes and had FIVE questions with the passage. Almost all questions were straightforward and should have been solved by students!


Logical Ability
The section had the following pattern

Area No of Questions Difficulty Level
Order Sequence 2 Easy
Cubes 1 Easy
Numbers/Sets 2 Easy
Counting of Rectangles 1 Moderate
Blood Relations 2 Easy
Letter Series 2 Easy
Number Series 2 Easy
Venn Diagrams 2 Easy
Critical Reasoning 1 Moderate
Total 15 EASY


The section was very easy except for two questions. The question which had to calculate the number of rectangles in a 6*5 grid and another one on Critical Reasoning, were the only ones that were probably challenging in the paper.


A question which asked for the answer to a 3*5*4 figure may have stumped the students as there was no answer which was corresponding to the multiplication of the above numbers!


A student could easily get about 12 or 13 marks without much problem.



Mathematics area had 7 questions. Of these, TWO questions were from Geometry, TWO from Averages and THREE from Ratios, Percentages & Profit and Loss!


All the 7 questions were sitters and any student could have got almost all 7 correct. There was only one question on Averages, which was a bit lengthy and could have challenged a student!


Data Interpretation

Unlike in other exams, the DI in TISSNET had no Sets and each of the 8 questions was independent of each other and had a graph attached to the same.


The breakup for the 8 questions was

Case let                                                   -1

Bar Charts                                              - 4

Table                                                       - 2

PIE Chart                                               - 1


Of these questions, all the questions asked were either had calculation of percentages OR calculation of ratios!

Only one question was given wrong in the DI area. The question asked was for PERCENTAGE POINTS where as the actual options given were for PERCENTAGE!


General Knowledge
The General Knowledge section had a generous dose of Static questions. There were questions on Current affairs, peoples, books and sports persons.

Areas No of Questions
Static 20
Current Affairs 12
People / Books 6
Sports/Persons 2
Total 40


A student with a fair amount of general awareness and who is abreast of the happening in the country and abroad, could score well in the paper. Around 20 marks would be considered very good in this area!


The cutoff would be more or less in the same range for the MA in HRM course. With the program at the Hyderabad Campus being scrapped, the desperation to get into the Mumbai Campus has remained high.