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CAT 2018 Admit Card
Thursday, November 01 2018, 12:00 PM
CAT 2018 Admit card download last date is November 25, 2018 which is the CAT 2018 exam day. You can view and download CAT admit card from official CAT website in 5 simple steps. No hardcopy of the CAT Hall ticket will be sent by IIM Calcutta. CAT Admit card Download process is working fine now and more than 2 lakhs candidates have already downloaded their admit card while a few have found some issues in the downloading process. You need to use your CAT login ID to download your CAT 2018 Admit Card from

You can download CAT exam Admit Card 2018 till November 25, 2018 without any technical glitches from the CAT exam official website. IIM Calcutta released the CAT 2018 admit card on October 24 in the afternoon with some changes and will close the download process after the CAT 2018 exam is over on November 25. Despite the heavy rush on CAT official website, the download process of CAT admit card has remained smooth till now.

It is advisable to download the CAT admit card at the earliest as it will be helpful to verify your details and get them corrected from CAT centre in case of any anomaly. Only the candidates whose CAT form has been submitted successfully are able to view and download CAT Admit Card 2018. 

Below are shared the five simple steps to get access and download your CAT Admit Card, key details to check in it and how to proceed after the CAT Admit card download process is complete.. Read More

Step by Step Process to Download CAT Admit Card

You can download your CAT 2018 Admit card in 5 simple steps:

  1. Logon to CAT official Website
  2. Enter CAT Login ID & Password
  3. Click on ‘Admit Card’
  4. At Assessment drop down menu select Common Admission Test 2018
  5. Click on Action-Download & Take Print of CAT Admit card

Step by step Process to download cat admit card

CAT exam admit card 2018 was released by IIM Calcutta much before 1 PM on the pre announced CAT Admit Card date October 24. Since 2017, the process to view and download the CAT admit card has been slightly changed. The candidates are now able to go to the icon window ‘Admit Card’ only after using their CAT login ID on the CAT application page of CAT official website instead of getting the Admit Card Icon on the main page to have access to the CAT Admit card.

How to View & Download CAT Admit card

Going to ‘Assessment’ under the head Admit Card has been restored again to access your CAT 2018 Admit card. The CAT 2018 Admit card download process remains simple. Now you can download your CAT Admit card in 5 steps from official CAT website as shared below:

Step-1: Logon to Official CAT Website

Open your computer system and check whether the CAT site is getting opened or there are technical glitches. Check for the icon ‘Login’ on the screen and click on it.

CAT Official website

Step-2: Enter CAT Login ID & Password

Enter your 7 digit CAT user Id and the 7 digit CAT password. This will lead to Admit Card page. In case you forget your CAT password, do not worry, click on ‘forget password’ and IIMs will send your CAT login ID and password to your registered Mail ID for CAT exam

CAT 2018 Login

Step-3: Click on ‘Admit Card’

Your are at the Admit card link. Click on it and it will open the page with Assessment.

cat admit card download steps

Step-4: Select Common Admission Test at Assessment

At Assessment drop down menu select Common Admission Test 2018. This will take you to action-Download

CAT Admit Card Download

Step-5: Select Action-Download & Take Print

Click on the Action which will show the ‘Download’ Option. Click on it and your CAT 2018 Admit card is downloaded.

CAT 2018 Admit Card

How to Proceed after CAT 2018 Admit Card Download?

Once the CAT 2018 Admit Card is downloaded, you should ensure following action:

1)  Convert CAT Admit Card Soft Copy into Hard Copy
Take print of the CAT exam hall ticket 2018. According to CAT Centre 2018 ‘Admit Card is a mandatory document required to take the exam. You must print the Admit Card and bring it to the exam centre on the day of the exam.’

It will be better to take more than 2-3 prints of your admit card. Keep one with your other mandatory documents which you will have to carry to the exam centre and other with you so that in case of any query you may instantly refer to it.

The CAT 2018 Admit Card needs to be directly printed from the CAT 2018 official website using your CAT user ID and Password.  Please note that the CAT 2018 Hall Ticket will not be mailed to your postal address. If you are unable to view your CAT Admit Card after login with CAT Id, contact the CAT helpdesk at the Toll free number or through Email.

2) Key Details to Check in the CAT Admit Card
You need to check the following mandatory details in your CAT 2018 Admit card. In case of any error or mistaken entry, you should contact the CAT Centre 2018 immediately.

  • Your Name – Is it correct as per your documents?
  • Test date – Correct test date of November 25 should be mentioned.
  • PWD status – In case the candidate is physically challenged, it should be mentioned in the CAT 2018 Hall Ticket.
  • Test center Details- Your test city, test site with address should be mentioned
  • Exam Time- your Morning or Evening time slot, as the case may be, should be mentioned on the CAT 2018 Admit card.

3) Important Do’s for CAT Admit Card
Please note that CAT Admit card is your passport to the CAT exam centre. Without Admit Card, you will not be allowed to enter the testing hall. After downloading of CAT 2018 Hall Ticket you should comply with following five do’s:

  1. CAT Admit card is valid only if your photograph and signature images are legibly printed on the print out of CAT 2018 Hall Ticket.
  2. Affix your coloured photograph on CAT Admit Card in the given space. Your photograph should be identical to your printed image on the CAT hall ticket.
  3. Only Admit Card & valid Photo ID Card will be allowed inside the test hall.
  4. There is a Test System Number (TSN) on the CAT Admit Card. It is provided only for the limited purpose of identifying the floor/wing at the test venue on the CAT exam day. For any correspondence with CAT Center you must provide your Registration Number.
  5.  The Admit Card is to be produced for verification at test centre at the time of the test.. Read More on CAT Admit Card Instructions

4) Don’t Panic, if Delay occurs
Sometimes the icon ‘Download Admit card’ is enabled by IIMs on CAT website much earlier than the scheduled time, but it remains inactivated till 1 PM. You need not worry as the download of CAT hall ticket is enabled by IIMs in time. Please do not expect any hard copy of the CAT 2018 Admit card by post or in mail to be sent by IIMs.

5) View & Download Admit Card from CAT website; not from your mail
Please note that the CAT Admit card will be available on the CAT website only and not from your mail. You must log in using your CAT 2018 User ID to view/print the Admit card.

3 New Changes in CAT 2018 Admit Card

CAT 2018 Hall Ticket has introduced three new changes to help candidates appearing in CAT exam 2018 on November 25. The changes are:

1. Google Map Link
For the first time a Google Map Link to locate the CAT 2018 test centre and its accessibility is made available individually on the electronic version of all the CAT 2018 Admit cards 

2. Emergency Contact
CAT 2018 Admit card carries the emergency contact number for the first time. This is the candidate's second contact number which was asked by IIMs in past also but was not used in the CAT Admit card earlier.

3. Reference Number to Find CAT Test Room
Reference Number in CAT 2018 Admit card has replaced the earlier Test System Number. The Reference number has limited purpose of saving your time and helping you to identify the floor/wing/testing room at the CAT test Centre on November 25, 2018.However, for any correspondence with CAT Centre, candidate must provide his/her CAT Registration Number.   

Don’t delay the Admit Card Download
Despite it being a very strong site capable to cope with the high volume of CAT 2018 aspirants, it may develop some technical glitches like getting slow, not displaying full details or giving you some error messages. This might create irritation and may cause more anxiety. When you can very well avoid it, there is no need to wait to initiate the CAT Admit Card download process when it is live and available for download now.

CAT 2018 is conducted by IIM Calcutta on November 25, 2018 in two sessions. It is a computer based largest MBA entrance exam for admission to MBA/PGDM 2019-21 batch in 20 IIMs, FMS Delhi, SPJIMR Mumbai, Management Departments of IITs, IMI New Delhi, IMT Ghaziabad among hundreds of other top B-schools in India. 

There are 2.41 lakhs candidates who have downloaded or are in the process of downloading the CAT admit card from the CAT website simultaneously. Besides, nearer the last date to download the CAT admit card, more are the chances of technical glitches. Therefore, even a delay of few minutes in viewing and downloading the CAT 2018 Admit card may result in technical glitches increasing your waiting period

Stay tuned to for more updates on CAT 2018