Personal Interview Preparation

Immediately after the declaration of CAT/XAT results, the Institutes have been short listing the candidates and sending the calls for PI, the second admission round. Personal Interview round is the key to success in securing final admission to the desired institute as all the B schools award maximum weightage to this round.


Personal Interview at IIM A, B, C or FMS Delhi or any other top B-schools can revolve around your academics, work experience, extra-curricular activities, your surroundings or current events. The can be a few questions on your future plans as well. IIMs also grill candidates on recent industry and corporate happenings.


How to Stand Out In Your Interview? By HBR Ascend


Your statement of purpose is also a good source of questions for panellists in PI round. So apart from doing lot of other activities to prepare for PI round, you should adhere to the following as well-

  • Regularly read the news papers, watch TV news, diarise that you find important although there is nothing less important when it comes to asking questions in PI round. You are supposed to know each and every thing. The only strategy is to gather maximum that you can.
  • Go through your academics well and revise especially the things in your specialization domain.
  • Read, know and feel your native place well. You must be aware about the history, Geography and all the important things like famous places, personalities, specialities about your city.
  • If you have a work experience, you must be well aware about your role and the entire chain of system wherein you contribute with your team.
  • Past and present events must be well known to you. Reading is not enough, you must have an opinion framed on it.
  • Analyse and rehearse upon your strengths and weaknesses. You must be able to highlight your strengths effectively and for it must prepare well. The weaknesses should not reflect your inability to do the work, or to improve.
  • You will be asked about your interests and hobbies, so make sure that you know all about them. One of the candidates interviewed at IIM Calcutta claimed that he had interest in playing Badminton. All the past, present, shuttle cock weight, court-size, service gallery size and other things were asked, although he answered each of them satisfactorily.
  • It is a good idea to attend good preparatory sessions for PI round and also attend mock PI sessions to prepare for Personal Interview round.
  • Getting in touch with the seniors, alumni of the B-school in regard to the nature of questions and what is expected from the candidate is also a good idea. They know how to prepare as each B-school has its own preferences. You can also get good guidance from them.

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