Experiential Learning: International experts to address GBSN Learning by Doing Summit, co-hosted by SPJIMR on April 4-5 in Mumbai

Driven by leading global B-schools like MIT SLOAN and Michigan ROSS, greater emphasis on Experiential Learning is one of the key themes in MBA pedagogy in last decade. Key goal of this movement is to help prepare MBAs who are as proficient with ‘Doing’ and ‘Being’ skills as they are with ‘Knowing’ component of an MBA program.

CAT Toppers Interview: How I topped CAT, and Why I Chose SPJIMR over IIMs

You will perhaps expect a CAT Topper with 96+ percentile to join a top IIM, isn’t it? Breaking the myth, Apoorv Lall and Girish Shenoy are amongst CAT toppers who instead of joining an IIM have preferred to join SPJIMR Mumbai for Admissions 2018. After spending a year at SPJIMR they are not just happy with their choices, but also strongly recommend their B-school. MBAUniverse.com interviewed Apoorv and Girish to find out how they cracked CAT, and their SPJIMR journey so far.

SPJIMR Mumbai, IIM Udaipur Earn AACSB Accreditation; 9 B-schools in India Now, with prestigious International recognition

SP Jain Institute of Management and Research (SPJIMR) Mumbai and IIM Udaipur have earned prestigious global AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) Accreditation. With SPJIMR Mumbai and IIM Udaipur joining the elite club of B-schools in India with the coveted AACSB Accreditation, total number of AACSB Accredited management institutes in India has gone up to nine from seven earlier. 

How Location, Purpose and Agility helps SPJIMR Mumbai Keep its Curriculum Cutting Edge for VUCA World

With onslaught of disruptive technology and changing macro environment, the world of business has become highly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous – often termed as a VUCA world. Needless to say, old theories and curriculums are becoming irrelevant, asking for urgent update. So how does a B-school update its curriculum to prepare students for this changing world.

What’s your MBA Specialization? SPJIMR Mumbai wants you to be clear about your career, even before you enroll

Do you want to be a Marketing Wizkid, a Finance superstar on Wall Street or an IT Geek? While you may want to defer this decision, you will get much more value from your MBA/PGDM, if you have given this question a good thought. Not only will you get more out of your studies during the 1st year of MBA, you will also land into better placements. After all, winners begin their journey early! That’s exactly the thinking behind the approach of SPJIMR Mumbai where they want every applicant to map career goals, and choose a specialization right at the application stage.

SPJIMR Mumbai: The Science and Art of Attracting Bright Students, before IIMs!

Realizing that it takes more than IQ to be a great business leader, top IIMs have taken many measures to improve the ‘diversity’ and ‘profile’ of their batch. One B-school that understood that ‘quality’ of a candidate can’t just be measured by CAT scores alone and is way ahead of IIMs, having implemented unique profile based admission process decades back, is Mumbai based SPJIMR. As a result, it has attracted not just the usual CAT toppers, but the real life achievers as well. Let’s find out more about unique admission process at SPJIMR, and how it can help you..

What makes SPJIMR’s Placements tick? Unique Admission Process, Autumn Placements and other mantras

The average salary for Final Placements 2018 at SPJIMR Mumbai was Rs 22.24 lakhs. This​ compares well with top business schools such as the premier IIMs and XLRI..​ Also,​ the profiles offered on campus are among the most sought after in the industry with the recruiter list comprising of organisations that B-school graduates across the nation aspire to join.​ How do SPJIMR students manage to convince India Inc to hire them, at top salaries? MBAUniverse.com finds out the success mantras... Apply Now

IIM Bill not a significant threat to premier private B schools; global accreditation, placements, student experience key: Dr Ranjan Banerjee, Dean SPJIMR

Almost three years after stepping into the shoes of a legend Dr ML Shrikant, Dr Rajan Banerjee, Dean, SPJIMR has a lot to talk about. On the back of multi-dimensional improvements, SPJIMR has cemented its place amongst India’s Top 5 B-schools along with IIMA, IIMC, IIMB and XLRI, while shrugging off competition from some IIMs, MDI and others.

SPJIMR Mumbai closing admission process on Nov 24; high RoI B-school has moderate CAT/XAT cut offs

If you wish to pursue MBA from a top B-school in India but don’t expect to score 100 or 99 percentile in CAT 2017 or XAT 2018, you are left with only one day to apply in your dream B-school.

Offering high return on your investment, SPJIMR Mumbai needs only 75 sectional percentile and 85 overall percentile in CAT 2017 or XAT 2018 exam for applicants to be eligible to apply to the PGDM program. However, the coveted B-school will close its admission process tomorrow on November 24, 2017-just two days before the CAT 2017 exam is conducted.

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SPJIMR is a top ranked institute noted for its academic excellence, innovation and entrepreneurship; Dr V Sivaraman, PGDM Chairperson

SPJIMR Mumbai is one of the few B-schools that have successfully competed with IIMs in academic excellence, peer learning, pedagogy, faculty quality and high placements and have risen to the top of B-school rankings and reputation. With its innovative pedagogy and deep industry connect  in a fiercely competitive Indian B-school marketplace, where elite institutions are competing for attracting the best student talent, SPJIMR stands out as second to none.


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