TISSNET Preparation

TISSNET 2019 will be held on January 13, 2019 and a good preparation schedule of 2-3 months can help you crack the TISSNET with good score. However, the TISSNET preparation leading the admission in Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) must be done in accordance with the exam pattern and the syllabus for TISSNET.


TISSNET Preparation with an aim to get admission in prestigious MA programmes compatible with MBA programmes of reputed B-schools must be started well in advance as per the revised TISSNET exam pattern. In view of the experts and past TISSNET toppers, the TISSNET Exam preparation must be well defined. You need best TISSNET preparation books, right study material and a well devised preparation strategy to prepare and crack TISSNET 2019.


While synchronising TISSNET exam preparation with other MBA entrance exams, it should be remembered that TISSNET preparation strategy is a little different from other exams like CAT, NMAT as it focuses more on Analytical Ability and General Knowledge. Quantitative aptitude and Data Interpretation are the subsections in Analytical Ability. Accordingly the TISSNET 2019 syllabus and exam pattern is also a bit different with varying number of questions in each part.


TISSNET 2019 Exam pattern
Before we go through the key aspects on How to prepare for TISSNET 2019 or how to crack TISSNET 2019, it is important to understand TISSNET exam pattern, sectional composition of the exam:


Key Features of TISSNET

  • Computer Based Exam of 100 minutes duration
  • Single session exam
  • No negative Marking
  • Total questions are 100
  • Total maximum marks are 100
  • Total Areas of questions are 6 clubbed in 4 sections
  • Each section with varying number of questions

TISS 2019

Computer Based

No of Questions


Time limit

100 minutes

Negative Marking

No negative Marking

No of Areas


No of Choices per question



TISS NET 2019 Sectional Composition

Section Name
Number of questions
Analytical Ability
Logical Reasoning
English Proficiency
General Knowledge

(Based on TISSNET 2018 sectional composition)


How to Prepare for TISSNET 2019 
How to prepare for TISSNET 2019 Exam is a big question as TISSNET exam preparation strategy needs revision as changes in TISSNET exam pattern are brought about every year. Accordingly, your TISSNET 2019 Preparation should be focussed on following key points:

  • Which are the TISSNET Preparation Books
  • How to prepare with TISS Syllabus for 2019 pdf
  • Strategy – How to crack TISSNET 2019 Exam with High score   

TISSNET 2019 Preparation Time: An Important Factor
As the TISSNET preparation time goes on reducing month after month with every passing day, you need to revisit your TISSNET preparation strategy and synchronise it with remaining TISSNET preparation Time. TISSNET preparation tips by toppers who suggest ‘How to prepare for TISSNET in 3 months or 2 months’; ‘How to crack TISSNET Exam with a planned TISSNET Test Preparation  strategy in 2 months’ and so on, are more relevant as the TISSNET 2019 preparation time is short now.


TISSNET Coaching or TISSNET Preparation 2019 at Home
After synchronizing the TISSNET preparation time, you need to find out whether to go for TISSNET coaching or start TISSNET 2019 Preparation  at home. One of the important TISSNET preparation tips for beginners is to come out of this dilemma and prepare a schedule of TISSNET 2019 preparation at home and search for coaching or expert to help on the topics you get stuck at.


If you wish to prepare with TISSNET Coaching only, it is important to find out the best coaching for TISSNET exam preparation near your place. Even the best coaching for TISSNET exam may have its draw backs in regard to imparting TISSNET coaching on certain topics. So alongwith your preparation through the best TISSNET coaching, you should find out the expert and mentor for TISSNET preparation for the topics that need your greater attention.


If you wish to self prepare for TISSNET, you need to understand first how to prepare for TISSNET exam at home with the help of books for TISSNET Preparation, and other appropriate TISSNET 2019 Study Material. So instead of getting involved into TISSNET coaching focus on TISSNET preparation books recommended by TISS toppers - like preparation books by Arun Sharma,  preparation book by Nishit Sinha, available good TISSNET 2019 Study Material for TISSNET preparation,  TISSNET Preparation Online Study material, freely available TISSNET preparation online facility, TISSNET 2019 exam Quiz, TISSNET 2019 Mock tests. These TISSNET Preparation Tips 2019 can pave your  way in right direction to TISSNET Exam 2019 Preparation  and make you aware how to prepare for TISSNET leading to understand How to Crack TISSNET Exam without TISSNET coaching.


TISSNET 2019 Preparation Tips
TISSNET Preparation Tips 2019 will guide you how to start TISSNET exam Preparation as per the revised TISSNET exam pattern. When you begin your TISSNET Preparation Online or offline, you should keep in in mind the following tips:

  1. TISSNET Exam Pattern: You must be aware about the TISSNET 2019 exam pattern
  2. TISSNET 2019 Syllabus
  3. Online TISSNET preparation
  4. Books for TISSNET preparation
  5. TISSNET Preparation with Mock Test 2019
  6. Strategy How to crack TISSNET exam with high score

TISSNET 2019 Exam Syllabus
TISSNET 2019 exam Syllabus consists of multiple choice objective type questions (in English). Although there is no specifically defined TISSNET Exam Syllabus, but going by the previous trend of TISSNET questions, the TISSNET 2019 Syllabus comprises the topics on General Knowledge; Analytical Ability, Logical Reasoning; and English Proficiency


There are six areas on which questions are asked in TISSNET exam. These areas are clubbed into four sections. Not only this the TISSNET syllabus for these sections has changed also as the revamped TISSNET exam pattern has varying number of questions in each section.


TISSNET exam syllabus for TISSNET exam preparation is based on past trend of TISSNET questions and the topics which have earlier appeared in TISSNET exam. The type of questions, their composition, format and number may change in each subsequent TISSNET exam.


To prepare for TISSNET exam as per TISSNET Syllabus, it should be kept in mind that there is no repetition of TISSNET exam questions in any TISSNET exam although difficulty level of the questions in TISSNET exam would not go out of TISSNET exam syllabus.


TISSNET 2019 Syllabus pdf can be downloaded online from the various websites. However, the source of this TISSNET syllabus Pdf is that it is prepared by experts and past TISSNET toppers. The TISSNET 2019 syllabus is based on the mentioned guidelines and current structure of TISSNET exam.


No TISSNET preparation without TISSNET Syllabus
The fact is that you will find it difficult to proceed with TISSNET exam preparation even if you have all the TISSNET preparation material, unless you know the TISSNET exam syllabus. TISSNET 2019 syllabus is much wider than one can anticipate.


TISSNET syllabus does not leave any study topic untouched. If you go through the TISSNET exam syllabus, it will help you to decide when to begin TISSNET preparation, How to prepare for TISSNET 2019; What important topics covered in TISSNET.


GK Preparation for TISSNET Exam
One of the important sections for TISSNET preparation is the General Awareness (GK). TISSNET Toppers suggest that GK for TISSNET exam is as important as other sections and cannot be avoided. To prepare GK for TISSNET, you should gather the TISSNET Exam GK material. It should be noted that good preparation of GK for TISSNET 2019 can lead you through the TISS shortlisting process.


How to prepare General Knowledge for TISSNET? The question on GK preparation for TISSNET is well answered by TISSNET toppers and experts. One of the key tips to prepare for GK in TISSNET that this section is closer to the IRMASAT exam and preparing on the similar lines will be helpful.


Below are the key tips on how to prepare GK for TISSNET:

  • Read regularly the news papers and create your own TISSNET GK question bank. A good source of preparation for updated GK questions for TISSNET is Manorama Year Book
  • Get TISSNET GK sample questions from TISSNET Mocks and TISSNET previous test papers
  • TISSNET GK topics cover the current affairs more focused on India and the social issues. Key GK topics to prepare for TISSNET 2019 preparation are:
  1. Static GK about India like Constitution, Geography, Polity, Rivers, Indian Economic facts e.g. GST, Demonetisation, Govt schemes, Who’s who, Awards, Sports among others
  2. United Nations Organization (UNO)- its various wings, Head Quarters, key decisions and announcements
  3. Various current issues touching the social life like Me Too, Fake News, Social Media among others   
  • You need to prepare both – static GK for TISSNET and Current Affairs

How to prepare for TISSNET in 2-3 months?
TISSNET preparation time of 2-3 months is not short. What you have done in past or whatever you have prepared can be revised now in three months with various TISSNET preparation tools. The time is ripe to intensify a little your TISSNET 2019 preparation strategy:

  • See that you have achieved good clarity on fundamentals and have strengthened your basics
  • Alongwith going through the books for TISSNET preparation, visit number of  online TISSNET preparation material
  • It is time that you started taking TISSNET Mock test, analyse your errors and rectify them
  • Instead of reading the theory again and again, now you should attempt the questions and when you are stuck, visit the basics and clarify your point to clear the confusion
  • Solve TISSNET previous year question papers
  • Join a good Test series for TISSNET preparation

Books for TISSNET preparation
TISSNET preparation books and TISSNET preparation material online or offline play a major role in helping you score high in the TISSNET exam. A few of the best books for TISSNET preparation are:


TISSNET Preparation Books for English Proficiency

  • 'How to Prepare for Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension for CAT’- by Arun Sharma & Meenakshi Upadhyay
  • 'Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension for the CAT’ - by Nishit K Sinha
  • Latest RC Passages and practice questions provided by Study centres like TIME, CL among others
  • Editorial and short articles published in English news papers
  • ‘Word Power Made Easy’ – by Norman Lewis
  • ‘High School English Grammar & Composition’ – by Wren & Martin
  • Regularly solve the Verbal Ability questions from your study material especially on Para summary, Jumbled Paragraphs
  • There is also number of TISSNET preparation books PDF free download available online for TISSNET 2019 aspirants
  • Use the study material of best online coaching for TISSNET 2019

TISSNET Preparation Books for Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation

  • ‘Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation for the CAT’ - by Nishit K Sinha (Published by Pearson)
  • ‘How to Prepare for Data Interpretation for CAT’ - by Arun Sharma (Published by McGraw Hill)
  • ‘How to Prepare for Logical Reasoning for the CAT’ - by Arun Sharma (Published by McGraw Hill)
  • ‘Logical Reasoning and data Interpretation for the CAT’ - by Nishit K Sinha (Published by Pearson)

One can expect a small number of very basic visual reasoning and inferential questions in this section. Also there may be a set or two consisting of basic DI questions which you need to answer on the basis of a graph or a pie chart. The remaining questions are quantitative ability questions not very different to those in the CAT. The subjects covered include time and work, quadrilaterals, numbers, averages, profit and loss, mathematical series, etc. You should be able to solve this section fairly quickly as all you need is a grasp on the fundamentals


TISSNET Preparation Books for Analytical Ability
This section includes questions on Numerical Ability and Data Interpretation also. Following books and study material have remained a good TISSNET preparation tool for Analytical Ability for past many years:

  • ‘How to prepare for Quantitative for the CAT’ - by Arun Sharma, published by MGH Education
  • ‘Quantitative Aptitude for the CAT’ – by Nishit K.Sinha, Published by Pearson
  • ‘The Pearson Guide to Quantitative Aptitude for competitive exams’
  • Quant study modules by TIME, CL, IMS

TISSNET Preparation Books for GK
GK section in TISSNET is as important as other sections. To prepare GK for TISSNET exam, following books and study material are very helpful:

  • Manorama Year Book 2019
  • GK Question Bank with recently updated questions
  • Daily reading of News papers like – The Hindu, Times of India, Economic Times, Financial Express
  • GK Mock Tests for TISSNET
  • TISSNET Previous GK questions

TISSNET Mock Test 2019
TISSNET 2019 Mock Tests and TISSNET Previous Years Question Papers are the major TISSNET preparation tools for TISSNET 2019 exam. Alongwith the TISSNET Mock tests, TISSNET exam quiz, TISSNET previous years Mock test, TISSNET sectional quiz also play a major role in improving your speed and accuracy in TISSNET preparation.


TISSNET sample papers are available as TISSNET online tests also. There are number of TISSNET online mock tests comprising replica TISSNET exam questions to help in your TISSNET preparation. Don’t miss them


How to Crack TISSNET 2019 with 90 Percentile
It may be noted that even half of the total questions in TISSNET exam, if attempted right can fetch you a percentile of 95+. So prepare accordingly. TISSNET Preparation does not require you to study round the clock, instead you need to study smartly and with intelligent approach to crack the questions correctly in minimum time to achieve high score.


The test sections of TISSNET exam need a systematic study schedule. Looking at the level of difficulty and surprise elements that appear in TISSNET every year, a thorough preparation of 2-3 months is required to crack TISSNET 2019.


According to the experts and toppers, the best way to prepare for TISSNET 2019 exam is to know your strengths and weaknesses and start working on them now. Since there is time to get over with your weakness and further strengthen your strong areas, you must devote around 2-3 hours a day from now on to crack TISSNET 2019 with a high score. 


TISSNET Study material for TISSNET preparation 2019, therefore, consists of the books for TISSNET; online TISSNET study material provided to you by your coaching institute or the offline TISSNET practice test papers bought from Market; TISSNET test series attended by you; the TISSNET study and practice material provided to you by your coaching centre in hard copy  among others. The more you study the TISSNET study material and the more you practice on TISSNET Mock tests and TISSNET sample papers, the more you will be able to score in TISSNET exam.