IIFT Exam Syllabus

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The written admission test to MBA Programme in IIFT consists of multiple choice objective type questions (in English). The 2 hours IIFT December 2017 entrance would comprise the questions covering English Comprehension, General Knowledge & Awareness, Logical Reasoning and Quantitative Analysis.


Quantitative Ability

Number of question in this section can be somewhere between 20 to 25. It is expected that in IIFT December 2017, 20 questions will appear. Major topics covered in this section are Probability, Integers, Time, distance, speed/Time & work, Percentage, Other Arithmetic questions, Algebra, Mensuration, Log theory, Geometry, Permutation combination


English Comprehension

English comprehension is composed of core verbal ability and questions on Reading comprehension passages.


Around 36 questions on English comprehension are expected to appear in IIFT 2017 entrance test on following topics One word substitution, Fill in the blanks, Jumbled sentences, Analogy, Phrasal explanation, Grammatically correct or incorrect sentences, Figures of speech, Spelling correction, Antonyms, Active-Passive, Reading comprehension  passages


The Verbal Ability part in English Comprehension section carries a marking pattern with 0.75 mark awarded to correct answers in Verbal Ability area. The Reading comprehension part consists of 15 to 16 questions in MCQ format and would carry a credit of 1 mark for each correct answer. 


Logical Reasoning

Logical reasoning section is expected to have 20 to 22 questions based on blood relations, seating arrangements, series, analogy, sets.  IIFT covers almost all the topics in logical reasoning with 1 or 2 questions on each.  Statements, arguments, conclusions are a few favourite topics which require more in depth study.


In last year exam IIFT clubbed Logical Reasoning to Data Interpretation section.


Data Interpretation

20 questions are expected in this section. IIFT asks 19-21 DI questions in different data forms like tables and bar diagrams.  The information part is followed by 4-5 questions so it’s worth trying with patience.  A little more practice can be of great help in this section.


DI questions were clubbed to LR section in IIFT 2016. They can be made a part of quant section.


General Awareness

25-28 questions could be there to test the General Awareness of the aspirants in IIFT Nov 2017 entrance exam. Questions cover conventional as well as current national and international affairs and relevant economic, business topics apart from major policy decisions.


Questions can also be based to test the aspirants’ awareness about the birthday of famous personalities; their work; Constitution of India; fictional characters.


The candidate may attempt any question from any section during the time allotted to attempt the test in the examination.