IIM Ahmedabad Audited Placement 2018: Highest Domestic Package at Rs.72 Lakhs; Average Salary up at Rs.24.45 Lakhs

IIM Ahmedabad Placement 2018
Monday, September 10 2018, 11:13 AM
IIM Ahmedabad has released the Audited Placement 2018 Report. The PGP 2016-18 students have grabbed a highest domestic salary of Rs. 72 lakhs in Placement 2018 as against Rs. 53 lakhs last year, reflecting a hike of Rs.19 lakhs. However, the highest international offer has gone down to Rs. 66 Lakhs in Placement 2018 as against Rs.82 Lakhs last year
The Audited figures of IIM Ahmedabad Placement 2018 reflect substantial hike in Average compensation packages both for the domestic and international placements 2018

The much awaited IIM Ahmedabad Placement 2018 audited compensation details have been released by the top rated B-school now. The audited placement date reveal that PGP 2016-18 students have grabbed a highest domestic salary of Rs. 72 lakhs in Placement 2018 as against Rs. 53 lakhs last year, reflecting a hike of Rs.19 lakhs. However, the highest international offer has gone down to Rs. 66 Lakhs in Placement 2018 as against Rs.82 Lakhs last year.

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During the last 2 years the maximum compensation package in IIM Ahmedabad International placements has been going down, despite the fact that value of US Dollar has been rising against the declining value of Indian Rupee. In contrast, the Audited figures of IIM Ahmedabad Placement 2018 reflect substantial hike in Average compensation packages both for the domestic and international placements 2018.

IIM Ahmedabad Placement 2018: Key Highlights

  • Highest Domestic Package up at Rs.72 Lakhs
  • Average Domestic Package up at Rs.24.45 lakhs
  • Highest International Package down at US$ 99172
  • Average International Package up at US$73013
  • Difference between Highest and Average International Salary narrows down
  • Total Students participated in IIMA Placement 2018: 388
  • Students who did not seek placement at IIMA: 10
  • Students embarking on Entrepreneurship Ventures: 6 (Out of 10)
  • Number of ‘Dream Campus Applications’: 176
  • Number of Recruiters: 125
  • Number of Different Role Profiles Offered: 150

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Ups & Downs in Placement
The facts and figures shared in the IPRS standard Audited Final Placement 2018 report released by IIM Ahmedabad reflect many surprises and twists on various counts including ups and downs in highest and average compensation packages in IIM Ahmedabad placement 2018.  

Domestic Placement 2018: Highest and Average salary up
At the domestic placement front, IIM Ahmedabad has recorded substantial hike in maximum salary apart from recording an increase in average salary over last year. IIM Ahmedabad has gained by Rs.19 lakhs per annum in highest placements in 2018 and by Rs.1.87 lakhs in Average Salary. Comparative analysis of last three years’ trends will bring home the facts:

Salary component
Placement 2018 (Rs.in Lakhs)
Placement 2017 (Rs.in Lakhs)
Placement 2016 (Rs.in Lakhs)
Maximum Salary
Average salary
Median salary
Minimum salary

The domestic placement figures reveal that there is a substantial rise both in Maximum and Average placement packages. The highest salary has gone up by Rs.19 lakhs in Placement 2018 reflecting a 36% increase in highest pay packages while the average salary is up by Rs. 1.87 lakhs indicating an increase of more than 8%.  

International Placement: Average Salary Up, Highest Down
International Placement 2018 has a surprising trend. The maximum pay packages during last three years have been going down although the average pay package has shown upward trend this year. 

Following are the major trends in IIM Ahmedabad placement packages 2018 ( 1 US$=INR67 for all the placement years)

Salary component
Placement 2018 (Rs.in lakhs & in USD)
Placement 2017 (Rs.in lakhs & in USD)
Placement 2016 (Rs.in crore/lakhs & USD)
Maximum Salary
 Rs.66.45 lakhs)
Rs.85.27 lakhs   ($127,275)
Rs.1.03  Crore  ($153,568)
Average salary
Rs.48.92 lakhs
Rs.45.62 lakhs
($ 68,104)
Rs. 49.30 lakhs ($73580)
Median salary
Rs.46.78 lakhs
Rs.43.78 lakhs
($ 65,351)
Rs. 43.78 lakhs ($65342)
Minimum salary
Rs.25.64 lakhs
Rs.19.73 lakhs
($ 29,448)
Rs. 23.52 lakhs ($35112)

If we take into account the fluctuations in exchange rate there would be some impact visible due to this change in exchange rate and the INR equivalent. The maximum salary which saw a spurt in placement 2016 has come down in subsequent Placements 2017 and 2018. The average salary which went down last year has again gone up, although it is still trailing to the Average placement of 2016.

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Placement Process
IIM Ahmedabad has clarified that the placement process for the graduating batch of the Post Graduate Programme (PGP) in Management 2016-18 was conducted within 3 clusters. The placements under Cluster 1 and Cluster 2 were conducted on February 10 and 13, respectively and the third and final cluster was held on February 16, 2018. The placement process was conducted in two stages. The first was the Laterals process where firms interviewed students with prior work experience and offered them mid-level managerial positions. More than 47 firms hired from diverse sectors such as technology, banking, consulting, general management and analytics. In the second stage of the Final placement process, firms were grouped into cohorts based on the profile offered, and groups of cohorts were invited to campus across different clusters. As in previous years, students were provided the flexibility of making “dream” applications to firms of their choice in a subsequent cluster even with an offer in hand.

176 Dream Campus Applications
The concept of dream campus that began at IIM Ahmedabad 4 years ago continued this year also with  176 Applications received under ‘Dream Application’.

The placement process, with the concept of “dream application”, allowed students to choose the sectors and functions of their choice for their final placement. Students are provided with the flexibility of making a “dream” application to any firm of their choice even with an offer in hand. This gives students the freedom to build careers in sectors of their preference.

IIM Ahmedabad has encouraged students to take up entrepreneurship as a career and this year, 6 students opted out of the placement process to start their own ventures. The start-ups have the opportunity to work under the mentorship of Centre for Innovation, Incubation and Entrepreneurship (CIIE), IIM Ahmedabad on their entrepreneurial ideas.

In line with its culture of fostering entrepreneurship, IIM Ahmedabad offered a placement holiday to these students, wherein they will be allowed to participate in placements in one of the next two years in the event that their venture does not work out.

Sectoral Placement
Firms from different sectors and geographies participated in the process at IIM Ahmedabad. Firms which made the most offers on campus included Accenture Strategy, The Boston Consulting Group and Amazon. Accenture Strategy made the most offers at the end of the final placement process with 18 offers, followed by BCG and Amazon with 14 offers each.

Recruiters in the management consulting domain included Accenture Strategy, A.T. Kearney, Bain & Co., McKinsey & Co., Monitor Deloitte, Oliver Wyman and The Boston Consulting Group among others .

The Banking & Financial Services sector witnessed participation from global investment banks, which included Barclays, Citi Bank, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and Standard Chartered.

The Private Equity & Venture Capital cohort included recruiters like Kedaara Capital and Matrix Partners. The Banking, Financial Services & Insurance recruiters included firms like American Express, Bajaj Finserv, FinIQ, Fullerton, HSBC, and Yes Bank. In BFSI, American Express extended the most 8 offers, followed by Yes Bank and FinIQ with 6 offers each. Among global banks, HSBC and JP Morgan were the largest recruiters, having picked 5 students each.

Sales & Marketing
A large number of students at IIM Ahmedabad took up roles in Sales & Marketing in various companies. Sales and marketing roles were offered by regular recruiters like HUL, Nestle, P&G, Reckitt Benckiser and Wipro Consumer Care among others. The General Management cohort saw participation from Aditya Birla Group, C.K. Birla, RPG Group and Tata Administrative Services among others. In the sales and marketing domain, Airtel extended the maximum 8 offers followed by HUL with 5 offers.

General Management
General Management and Leadership profiles were offered to students by Aditya Birla Group, Tata Administrative Services, C.K. Birla, RPG Group among others. In the General Management domain, TAS (Tata Administrative Service) was the largest recruiter with 7 offers.

Consumer Services, Enterprises Tech, IT
The Consumer Services cohort saw participation from firms like Airtel, IndiGo and Star TV. The Enterprise Tech and Consumer Tech cohorts saw participation from firms like Magicpin, Microsoft, Nykaa, OYO Rooms and UpGrad among others. Microsoft extended 8 offers, the highest in the Enterprise Tech cohort. In IT Consulting, EXL extended the most 8 offers.

Lateral Process
Firms which participated in the Laterals process included Adidas Germany, Flipkart, L.E.K. Consulting, Lodha Group, Microsoft, Parthenon and Wipro Global.

The cluster-cohort system is unique to IIM-A. It is meant to encourage students to consider career choices based on role and sector. The dream applications process allows a student to sit for 5 more companies after securing an offer. The cluster-cohort system has also helped  to host recruiters in a fair and transparent manner leading to stronger relationships between IIM-Ahmedabad and the recruiter community.

The IIM Ahmedabad Placement Report 2018 has been audited by the Brickwork Ratings India Pvt Ltd. and was signed on August 29, 2018. IIM Ahmedabad follows IPRS Standards of Audited Report  in  Placements. Indian Placement Reporting Standards (IPRS) is an effort towards standardizing B-school placement reports. This initiative taken by IIM Ahmedabad has resulted in designing a comprehensive Placement Reporting Standard. The standards designed not only assure the privacy of the individual level data or information but also specify the format for reporting aggregate statistics which would satisfy the information needs of the different stakeholders.

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