CMAT 2017: Colleges under CMAT, Exam date & pattern, Syllabus; Admission opportunity for 1 lakh candidates after result

Monday, November 14 2016, 04:35 AM
CMAT 2017 will offer MBA admission opportunity to 1 lakh candidates in 2017; know about the colleges under CMAT; syllabus; exam date; scoring pattern & result
JBIMS Mumbai along with other top MBA colleges in Maharashtra, Delhi NCR, Bangalore, Chennai will also accept CMAT 2017 score for admission to academic session 2017-18

Less than a month remains for the CMAT 2017 registration last date which closes on December 10 and AICTE has not announced any facility to apply after the last date with any late fee. With the changes and modifications in the state level MBA entrance tests and their final selection rounds, more candidates are expected to be accommodated on the basis of CMAT 2017 score acceptable to top MBA colleges across the country. CMAT 2017 exam date is January 28, 2017 while January 29 has been kept as the Reserve day for CMAT 2017 exam.

After the CMAT is made a yearly exam, All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) has created MBA admission opportunity in top B-schools for about 1 lakh candidates expected to register and apply for the exam including the top MBA colleges in Maharashtra.

Going by the past trend, CMAT the entrance exam for MBA/PGDM courses in 400+ B-schools has been the second largest exam after CAT. Since it used to be held twice a year, more candidates preferred to register and apply for CMAT exploring the opportunity to improve their scores in the second exam for the same academic session. Now with only one opportunity available to register and apply for CMAT 2017, the number of registrations may go beyond the estimated limit.

Colleges under CMAT 2017
Government and Private Universities, highly ranked B schools in 13 states have been accepting CMAT scores as the only gateway to MBA admissions under the government quota, instead of the State-administered Post graduate Common Entrance Test (PGCET). The states which are likely to accept CMAT 2017 test scores are: Uttar Pradesh, Kerala, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, Nagaland, Goa, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Haryana, Karnataka, Jharkhand and Himachal Pradesh.

In a surprise move, JBIMS Mumbai along with other top MBA colleges in Maharashtra, Delhi NCR, Bangalore, Chennai will also accept CMAT 2017 score for admission to academic session 2017-18.
Read more about top MBA colleges under CMAT 2017 in different states

CMAT 2017 registration is open till December 10 and those who wish to register and apply for CMAT 2017 can do so online by the last date. Following is the region-wise list of top MBA colleges under CMAT 2017that would accept the CMAT 2017 exam scores-
Delhi NCR colleges under CMAT 2017

  • Birla Institute of Management Technology (BIMTECH), Greater Noida (Specialized PGDM Programs;
  • BULMIM, New Delhi
  • Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida
  • NDIM New Delhi

Maharashtra MBA/PGDM colleges under CMAT 2017

  • JBIMS, Mumbai
  • SIMSREE, Mumbai
  • KJ Somaiya, Mumbai
  • IES Management College and Research Centre, Mumbai
  • IMT Nagpur
  • Durga Devi Saraf Institute of Management Studies (DSIMS) Mumbai
  • N. L. Dalmia Institute of Management Studies and Research
  • PUMBA, Pune
  • Audyogik Shiksha Mandal (ASM), Pune    
  • Balaji Society, Pune 
  • MIT School of Business (MITSOB), Pune
  • ISB&M, Pune

Bangalore-Chennai Colleges under CMT 2017

  • AIMS Institutes, Bangalore
  • Alliance University, Bangalore
  • Great Lakes Institute of Management, TamilNadu
  • IFIM Bangalore
  • IMT Hyderabad
  • SDMIMD, Mysore
  • VJIM Hyderabad

CMAT 2017: Exam date & pattern
CMAT 2017 exam date is January 28, 2017. The exam duration of CMAT 2017 will be of 3 hours from 9.30AM to 12.30PM. CMAT 2017 will consist of 100 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) divided in 4 sections as follows-


Number of questions

Total marks

Language Comprehension  



Quantitative Techniques and Data Interpretation



Logical Reasoning



General Awareness



CMAT 2017: Scoring pattern
CMAT 2017 will award 4 marks for each correct answer and will impose penalty of -1 mark for every wrong answer. Marks will be awarded out of maximum score of 400. AICTE proposes to declare CMAT 2017 result on February 6, 2017. The result is displayed on AICTE website in order of merit with highest scorer at the top followed by low scorers. The result displays raw scores along with percentile scores. Read more about CMAT 2017 exam & scoring pattern

CMAT 2017: Syllabus-what & how to prepare?

Quantitative aptitude & Data interpretation
The 25 Questions in this section of CMAT 2017 would be of MCQ type. Almost all the questions are single and are not based on sets. While topics like table and pie chart in data interpretation section will require basic calculation skills, the topics from which most of the questions appear in quant are arithmetic (ratios, mixtures, work, averages, profit & loss, basic statistics etc), number properties, probability and counting principles with one or two odd questions in geometry and derivatives (i.e. maxima –minima).

Language Comprehension
CMAT 2017 defines its Verbal Ability section as Language Comprehension. Again it will have 25 MCQs. The section covers comprehensive English test which includes the test of grammar, tenses, vocabulary, jumbled paragraphs and reading comprehension. Key topics from which you may expect questions are - usage of Articles, Non-finites, dangling modifiers, Nouns, Pronouns (Especially relative Pronouns), adjectives, adverbs, prepositions –regular and followed, verbs, Syntax, Subject-verb Agreement, Simple, continuous, Perfect tenses and Conditional-unreal past.

Questions based on Vocabulary could be any of the following types. Inserting the correct pair of words to fill in the blanks -Two Blanks are given in a sentence followed by four options of pairs of words, correct option has to be picked out. Marking the correct choice of similar sounding and confusing words;  picking out the correct words left out in a paragraph;  Synonyms-Antonyms -Explaining the Words;  analogy words; one word substitution.

Jumbled Paragraphs CMAT like CAT and XAT puts the candidate to test for the coherent and systematic understanding of ideas. The candidate is expected to arrange all the sentences in logical & sequential order. In another words it is the test of the student’s versatile reading, understanding of language, writing ability based on deep stock of vocabulary, grammar and correct use of tenses.

While solving them you should search for connectors to sentences e.g. conjunctions, personal ( He/she/it/they/their etc), relative (Who,whose, that,which etc.), Demonstrative (These, those, this, that etc.) pronouns as they indicate that they must have been used in place of some noun-proper/common etc. So find the link between the sentences.

A few paragraphs have time factors in it-indicating that the events mentioned for the earlier time should come first and could help you to put them in chronological order-

English comprehension passages – Unlike CAT 2016, CMAT 2017 proposes to give you shorter and not too difficult passages. Although this can be a respite to some extent, there is no fix rule on framing the questions based on Reading comprehension passage, which is followed by at least four-five questions each. Questions could be any of following types- ; Questions based on inference drawn; Questions based on the Central idea of the passage; Questions based on phrases, idioms; Questions based on expression in the passage.

Logical  Reasoning
The section with 25 MCQs has equal weightage to other sections. LR in CMAT 2017 is a mix of the topics from arrangements like linear, seating, sequencing & arranging with conditions to coding. The other questions are based on statement-conclusion, logical puzzle, numerical puzzle, Venn Diagram, true/false statements, visual reasoning. The basic preparatory tip for LR is to attempt as many practice exercises as possible. They can be solved with basic human logical instinct.

General Awareness
This section may have questions from any topic under the Sun and will have equal weightage with 25 MCQs. General Awareness of GK is an important section as unlike XAT, MAT it plays an important role in determining your merit.

For the preparation purpose it can be divided in three parts and each part has to be given due weightage.  Conventional GK-available in books; Current GK- based on current reading of newspapers and periodicals;  Business & Economics GK -for example changes in Fiscal and monetary policy, CRR, Repo Rate, Devaluation and up valuation of Rupee.

Please remember current GK-whether Business, national and international has an on-going preparation method and thorough reading of the newspaper only can keep you updated.

Admission opportunity after CMAT 2017 results
AICTE has clarified that it will provide the detailed merit list after CMAT 2017 result is declared on February 10, 2017, to the respective State Governments for allotting the students through central counseling or otherwise as per their notified admission procedure for MBA and as per Court directives for PGDM. In case there is no central counseling, scores awarded will be used for admission in the AICTE approved Institutes/University Departments.

AICTE recommends all institutes offering AICTE approved MBA and PGDM courses to use CMAT 2017 scores for their admissions. However, number of B schools appearing on the list of AICTE approved Institutions accepting CMAT scores, may not accept CMAT scores. The candidates are advised to go through the admission process of respective B schools where they wish to apply on the basis of CMAT 2017 scores.

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