New IIM Admission Process

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IIM-CAP 2019 for admission to 10 New and Baby IIMs is coordinated by IIM Ranchi this year. The Common Admission Process (CAP) 2019 consists of only two components - WAT and PI. The CAP 2019 begins in the month of February 2019 for admission to six new IIMs and four baby IIMs. Although IIM Ranchi has not divulged the names and proposed intake of the CAP participating IIMs, the individual websites of IIMs have shared the information that ten IIMs will participate in the Common Admission Process, (CAP-2019).


Besides, The components of WAT and PI will be common to all the participating ten IIMs in the Common Admission Process, (CAP) 2019. 


10 IIMs Participating in CAP 2019
Following nine IIMs are participating in CAP 2019 which is coordinated by IIM Ranchi:


6 New IIMs

  1. IIM Kashipur
  2. IIM Raipur
  3. IIM Ranchi
  4. IIM Rohtak
  5. IIM Trichy
  6. IIM Udaipur

4 Baby IIMs

  1. IIM Bodh Gaya
  2. IIM Jammu
  3. IIM Sambalpur
  4. IIM Sirmaur

IIM Amritsar Expected to Participate in CAP 2019 
It is expcted that IIM Amritsar who has not confirmed its participation in CAP 2019 for admission, may also offer admission through CAP round 2019. 


Final Admission Offer after CAP 2019

Announcement of the final selection/merit list on the basis of the composite score arrived at using weightages as per valid CAT-2018 score, WAT and PI score, academic profile, work experience, diversity (gender/academic disciplines) among others will be made individually by each of the ten participating IIMs.     


Last year CAP was coordinated by IIM Rohtak. Initially there were 11 IIMs who were participating in CAP, later this number was reduced to 9 IIMs which included six new IIMs and 3 baby IIMs. IIM Amritsar and IIM Jammu had opted out of the CAP process last year.


14000 Shortlisted for CAP 2019
With the increased number of seats at each IIM, it is expected that 14000 candidates who appear and qualify in CAT 2018 exam will be shortlisted for CAP 2019. Last year IIM Rohtak also increased the number of candidates in the shortlist for CAP 2round from 11846 to 12790. 


IIM Ranchi, who is coordinating CAP 2019 will announce a common shortlist for all the participating IIMs for WAT and PI round. The CAP 2019 is the final selection round for IIMs and consists of Writing Ability Test (WAT) and Personal Interview (PI).


Intake Expected to Increase Further
The CAP participating IIMs had an intake of 1460 seats last year for 9 IIMs. It is expected that the intake will increase further before the declaration of CAT 2018 result and before making final admission offer by IIMs.


Since IIMs are now empowered to award MBA degree instead of earlier PGDM and as MHRD has also impressed upon these IIMs to increase their intake in coming academic sessions, the list of 9 IIMs with the proposed intake for MBA 2019-21 is:

Indian Institute of Management (IIM)
Proposed Intake for 2019-21 batch
IIM Bodhgaya
60 (Baby IIM)
IIM Kashipur
IIM Raipur
IIM Ranchi
IIM Rohtak
IIM Sambalpur
60  (Baby IIM)
IIM Sirmaur
60  (Baby IIM)
IIM Tiruchippalli (IIM Trichy)
IIM Udaipur


Category wise CAP Shortlist for Last Year
Below is the number of candidates shortlisted category wise for last year CAP. It is expected that this number will go up for CAP 2019:

Quantitative Aptitude Percentile
Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning
Verbal & Reading Comprehension
Total Percentile
Total candidates shortlisted
80 (80.35)
80 (80.40)
80 (80.62)
60 (60.37)
78 (78.01)
50 (50.75)
50 (51.67)
50 (51.06)
60 (60.01)
30 (31.54)
30 (30.16)
30 (30.60)
40 (40.01)
30 (31.54)
30 (30.16)
30 (30.60)
40 (40.16)

Earlier shortlist for CAP Round
Earlier IIM Rohtak released the following category-wise shortlist of candidates for CAP 2018:


CAP 2019 Rules
Common Admission Process Rules for the Post Graduate Programme for the academic year 2019-21 batch are:

  • Individual IIMs will prepare a shortlist based on their shortlisting criteria. These shortlists will be combined for further processing by the coordinating IIM namely, IIM Ranchi. The shortlisting criteria for all the participating IIMs in the CAP 2019 process are the same.  
  • From the combined list, Candidates will be called for a Common Personal Interview & Written Analysis Test (PI & WAT).
  •  Admission status is made available on the Common Admission website in 3rd week of January 2019.
  • Request for change of centre for PI & WAT have to reach the admission cell/e-mail ID of IIM Ranchi on or before the first week of February, 2019. These requests will be accommodated solely at the discretion of IIM Ranchi and would be communicated to candidates.
  • Each IIM will take the PI & WAT score of the candidates shortlisted by them and combine it with other scores-CAT 2018 Score, Profile score and any other score to make their own individual merit list to make final offers to the candidates.
  • Only PI & WAT are conducted commonly for the IIMs participating in CAP 2019
  • The final merit list of candidates will be arrived by each IIM according to its own selection criteria.
  • These criteria will be available on the websites of the respective institutes.
  • Attending the CAP 2019 WAT&PI process is compulsory for all the shortlisted candidates.
  • Scores from the older IIMs are not considered.

5 PI-WAT Centres for CAP 2019
All Candidates shortlisted for the WAT&PI process of the participating IIMs have to compulsorily attend the WAT&PI process at the notified interview centres. The CAP 2019 will be held at New Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai and Kolkata. The exact date for PI & WAT will be communicated to the shortlisted candidates by IIM Ranchi which is co-ordinating for 2019-21 batch


CAP 2019: Important Dates

  • Declaration of Shortlist: 3rd Week January, 2019
  • Announcement of CAP 2019 dates: 3rd Week, January, 2019
  • Call for CAP 2019 to Shortlisted candidates: 3rd Week January, 2019
  • Last date to apply for change of CAP centre: 1st Week, February, 2019
  • CAP 2019 start date: Mid February 2019
  • CAP 2019 end date: 2nd week of March 2019

Please note there is no Group Discussion (GD) round in IIMs-Common Admission Process (CAP). Since each IIM prepares its own merit list, it is also expected that a candidate appearing in CAP 2019 may get multiple admission offers from the different participating IIMs for MBA 2019.


Components of New IIMs CAP 2019
Common Admission Process (CAP) 2019 for 9 or 11 new IIMs will consist of two components as final selection round called final admission stage. The shortlisted candidates for CAP 2019 will be required to appear for:

  1. Common Written Analysis Test (WAT), and
  2. Personal Interview (PI)

All the 9 or 11 CAP participating new IIMs may have similar shortlisting criteria but will announce their shortlisting criteria independent of others and despite going for Common Admission Process (CAP), final merit list will be generated by each of them separately.


How to know when to participate in CAP 2019?
The shortlisted candidates will be able to check their CAP 2019 dates on website of respective IIMs and will also be informed on their registered mail only after the CAT 2019 result is declared. It is expected that CAP 2019 will commence after 2 weeks from the CAT 2018 result date. The candidates who are not shortlisted by the 9 or 11 new IIMs will not be sent further communication.


The CAP 2019 coordinating IIM for participating new IIMs, the IIM Ranchi proposes to announce the dates for CAP 2019 round after the CAT 2018 result is declared. It is learnt that the exact dates of PI & WAT, along with the locations will be shared after the CAT 2018 results are out.


CAP 2019 Centres
The CAP 2019 comprising Personal Interview and Written Analysis Test would be conducted at New Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai and Kolkata. The exact date for PI & WAT will be communicated to the short-listed candidates by IIM Ranchi which is Co-ordinating CAP 2019 for new IIMs.


Coordination process between New and old IIMs
Students shortlisted for some older IIMs might not have to appear for the CAP, as some of the older IIMs will share their PA scores with IIM Ranchi. Those candidates who have been called by more than 1 older IIM will have their scores averaged across the IIMs where they have been interviewed. Finally, the scores of PA Process will be shared with the other IIMs participating in CAP, who will then make their own merit lists according to the normalized scores.


7 key steps in New IIMs CAP 2019


Step 1: Shortlist by Individual IIMs
Each of the new IIMs will shortlist the candidates for CAP 2019 independent of each other. It is expected that the candidates will be shortlisted at the 1st stage around 10 to 12 times of the intake for MBA admission 2019 by each IIM. It may create the multiplicity of calls for the same candidate if he/she meets the shortlisting criteria of many IIMs.


Step 2: Each IIM to send shortlist to CAP 2019 Coordinator - IIM Ranchi
Each CAP participating IIM will forward its list of shortlisted candidates to the CAP 2019 coordinating IIM Ranchi.


Step-3: IIM Ranchi to create Final List of Shortlisted Candidates for CAP 2019 Calls
IIM Ranchi will combine the list of all participating IIMs and prepare a final list of candidates for CAP 2019 Calls. IIM Ranchi will then send out calls to these candidates. More than 14,000 candidates are expected to get New IIMs CAP 2019 Calls.


Step 4: Candidates to participate in PI & WAT Process
CAP 2019 assessment round will only have Personal Interview (PI) and Written Abilities Test (WAT). There will be no Group Discussion. A candidate will be asked to appear at one of the 5 CAP Centers New Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai and Kolkata.


Step 5: CAP 2019 Scores to be sent by IIM Ranchi to participating IIMs
Based on the performance of the candidates in the PI & WAT round, IIM Ranchi will prepare the scores for the CAP Round. This will be sent to all the participating IIMs after CAP round is over.


Step 6: All IIMs to prepare their own Final Admission List
Each participating IIM has its own admission policy. They will provide weightages to CAT scores, CAP scores, and in some cases Applicants Profile, for making final admission offers. It is very much possible that one of the new IIMs may not send you final admission offer while others offer you admission based on your CAT 2018 scores and other parameters.


Expected Cut offs for CAP 2019 of participating New IIMs


Indian Institute of Management (IIM): IIM Amritsar
Expected cut off for CAP 2019 including waiting list: 80


Indian Institute of Management (IIM): IIM Bodhgaya
Expected cut off for CAP 2019 including waiting list: 80


Indian Institute of Management (IIM): IIM Jammu
Expected cut off for CAP 2019 including waiting list: 80


Indian Institute of Management (IIM): IIM Kashipur
Expected cut off for CAP 2019 including waiting list: 90


Indian Institute of Management (IIM): IIM Raipur
Expected cut off for CAP 2019 including waiting list: 90


Indian Institute of Management (IIM): IIM Ranchi
Expected cut off for CAP 2019 including waiting list: 90


Indian Institute of Management (IIM): IIM Rohtak
Expected cut off for CAP 2019 including waiting list: 92


Indian Institute of Management (IIM): IIM Sambalpur
Expected cut off for CAP 2019 including waiting list: 80


Indian Institute of Management (IIM): IIM Sirmaur
Expected cut off for CAP 2019 including waiting list: 80


Indian Institute of Management (IIM): IIM Tiruchirappalli
Expected cut off for CAP 2019 including waiting list: 93


Indian Institute of Management (IIM): IIM Udaipur
Expected cut off for CAP 2019 including waiting list: 94