MAT Paper Based or Computer Based

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MAT paper based (phase 1) and Paper based (Phase 2) with computer based test are held in a gap of few days. The first MAT 2018 pencil based test is over on December 9, 2018, the phase 2 paper based MAT and the MAT 2018 computer based test is scheduled on December 15.


The major difference between MAT computer based test and paper based test is that the MAT offline test is paper based while MAT online test is computer based.


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MAT 2018 December exam offers you with the choice from AIMA to appear in paper pencil MAT and Online MAT both or choose either of the two. Earlier you could appear only in one of the MAT exams – either MAT paper based or computer based. However despite getting the wider choice of selecting the MAT exam of their choice, candidates are confused and find it difficult to decide which is better - MAT paper based or computer based test.


Paper pencil MAT Vs Online MAT
If you are facing difficulty in making a choice between MAT Online Vs. MAT offline test, this article will guide you with the difference between MAT computer based Test and paper based test as well as about key similarities between MAT CBT and PBT modes. This will help you in taking a decision:

MAT Online Vs MAT offline Test
MAT 2018 Paper Based Test
MAT 2018 Computer Based test
Exam Date
Phase-1: December 9, 2018
Phase-2: December 15, 2018
December 15 onwards  
Exam time
Pre-scheduled and fixed from 10AM to 12.30PM
different time slots 
Exam taking mode
Questions printed on test Paper  
Questions appear on computer screen
Marking of answer
On OMR paper sheet
On computer screen with click of mouse
Technical glitches
No technical glitches
Changing the answers
Erase the answer and mark new one
Use navigation tool like unmark, review to change
Number of sections in the test paper
Number of questions
Marking pattern
1 mark for each correct answer
1 mark for each correct answer
Negative marking
0.25 mark
0.25 mark
Test duration
2 hrs. 30 minutes
2 hrs. 30 minutes
Level of Difficulty
Easy to Moderate
Easy to Moderate


How to choose between PBT and CBT:
Making a choice between MAT Paper Based and Computer Based test or taking both the tests depends upon various factors - your preference, computer based or paper based test solving skills among others. Following are the key factors that will help you to select the MAT exam format whether you go for MAT paper based or computer based test or both:


Your Test taking skills: If you have understanding of how to take and appear in computer based tests, navigation tools, scrolling of questions, choosing the answers and marking them and find that test taking is easier in computer based test, you could go for computer based MAT exam. If not well conversant with computers, internet technology, have confusion in navigation tools, it is better to go for paper based MAT exam.


Reading skills: There are 200 questions to be answered in 150 minutes in MAT exam. You need faster reading skill leading to quickly choose the right answer option in MAT. If you can read better and faster and understand quickly on printed paper, you will be able to answer promptly in PBT MAT as compared to CBT MAT. But if you can read speedily on computer screen, it can save you time while answering the questions. The choice therefore between computer based MAT or paper based MAT has to be made judiciously as per your preference at the time of completing the MAT application form.


Choice to take both CBT and PBT MAT: You also have the choice of appearing in both paper based MAT and Computer based MAT exams with an option to improve your score in CBT, if not done well in PBT MAT. Accordingly, by paying Rs.1100/- extra in addition to Rs.1550/- you can appear both in offline MAT and Online MAT and avail the opportunity to improve your score.