IPMAT 2019 Analysis

IPM AT 2019 exam analysis will be published immediately after the exam is over in May 2019. IPM AT 2019 Analysis will consist of following important points:

  • IPMAT 2019 Exam pattern and key changes
  • IPMAT 2019 exam difficulty level section wise and overall
  • IPMAT 2019 test comparison with earlier exams
  • Expected cut off percentile for admission

IPMAT 2018 Exam Analysis
In accordance with the pre announced IPM-AT 2018 exam schedule, IIM Indore conducted IPM Aptitude Test on May 11, 2018 in a changed test pattern. IIM Indore split the Quantitative Ability section into two separate sections with 20 and 40 questions each. The first Quant section with 20 questions had all short answer questions without negative marking. Such questions used to be present in earlier years also but they were included in the single section of Quantitative Ability.


IPMAT 2018 had 100 questions divided in three sections. Overall difficulty level was moderate although Quant had a few difficult questions. Total maximum score for the 100 questions was 400 marks with a penalty of 25% marks for wrong answer. Each section had individual time limit of 40 Minutes. The three sections in IPMAT 2018 were Quantitative Ability (Short Answers); Quantitative Ability with all MCQs and Verbal Ability with MCQ type questions .


IPMAT: Last 3 years Analysis
Below is shared a broad analysis of last three of IPM AT exams:

IPM AT 2018
IPM AT 2017
IPM AT 2016
Exam Date
May 11, 2018
May 16, 2017
May 13, 2016
Exam Format
Computer Based
Computer Based
Computer Based
Total questions
Test duration
120 Minutes
120 Minutes
120 Minutes
Overall Difficulty Level
Moderate to Difficult
Easy to Moderate
Moderate to Difficult
Number of sections
Sectional Time Limit
40 Minutes
QA: 75 minutes
VA: 45 minutes
QA: 80 Minutes
VA: 40 Minutes
Marks for Each Correct Answer
Negative Marking
Qs in Section-1:Quantitative Ability (SA)
Qs in Section-2: Quantitative Ability (MCQs)
60 (MCQs + Non-MCQs)
60 (MCQs + Non-MCQs)
Qs in Section-3: Verbal Ability (MCQs)

*Short Answer Questions without answer options and without negative marking.


Section wise Analysis


Section-1: Quantitative Ability (Short Answer)
This section was introduced separately in 2018 for the first time in IPM AT. It had 20 short answer questions. One of the biggest benefits for the candidates was that this section did not have any negative marking. The candidates had to type the short answers in the given space on the computer screen as the there were no answer options for the questions in this section.


This section was slightly more difficult and despite having only 20 questions to be attempted in 40 minutes, candidates were seen gasping for time. Major topics on which questions were framed were Arithmetic, Arithmetic Progressions, Geometry, Logs, Permutation & Combination, Probability among others. An attempt of 11-13 questions with 90% accuracy could clear the cut off.


Section-2: Quantitative Ability (MCQ)
This section had 40 questions with moderate to high difficulty level. Some of them were too difficult for the test takers. The section had 25% negative marking and the candidates were found attempting the questions in this section cautiously.


Some of the major topics on which questions appeared in this section were Arithmetic and number system-10 questions; Algebra, Geometry and Mensuration-13 questions; Probability, PnC, Set Theory-10 questions; Data Interpretation-5 questions in one set; Matrices etc.-2 questions. It is expected that an attempt of 18-20 questions with high accuracy level could clear the cut off in this section.


Section-3: Verbal Ability

Verbal Ability with 40 MCQs was found to have moderate difficult level questions. The section had to be attempted in 40 minutes. Each question carried 25% of negative marking for wrong answer. Candidates were found quick on this section and most of them completed their attempts within the prescribed time limit of 40 minutes if they skipped the difficult questions and selected the doable questions.   


Verbal Ability section in IPMAT 2018 had two RC passages – One on Social Media and the other on Birds. The Verbal Ability questions on Jumbled Paragraphs were not followed by answer options. The correct order of sentences had to be written in the given space. Other questions were on Fill in the blanks, Error correction in sentences.


RC Passages were followed by 12 questions; 10 questions were on Fill in the Blanks; Sentence completion and sentence correction had 10 questions; there were 4 questions on Jumbled paragraphs and 4 questions on para completion.


The cut off for VA section may go high and a good attempt of 30+ questions could clear cut off.


Cut offs
The expected cut-offs with the corresponding score for each section and overall are shared below:

Cut off  Expected
Quantitative Ability (SA)
Quantitative Ability (MCQ)
Verbal Ability

The result of IPM AT 2018 was declared in the last week of May 2018. IIM Indore announced the shortlist immediately after the IPM AT 2018 result was declared.


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