IPMAT 2019 Exam Tips

IIM Indore IPM Aptitude Test (IPM AT) 2019 will be held on May 10, 2019 as a computer based test. It is an Aptitude Test which requires good IQ and Time Management skill to crack it with high score. Following exam taking tips will help you to improve your score and crack the entrance exam


Verbal Ability Section
In the Verbal Ability section first of all attempt the questions based on idioms and phrases, vocabulary, fill in the blanks. Complete the doable questions in 10-15 minutes. You need to solve around 15 such questions with accuracy. You can attempt these questions in first attempt as no guess work is required.


In next 30 minutes for verbal ability section, attempt following questions:

  • Grammar based questions - correction of errors in sentences
  • Other such questions based on Vocabulary which could not be solved in first attempt
  • Questions based on Reading Comprehension passages
  • Questions on Jumbled paragraphs
  • Critical Reasoning questions
  • You are required to solve around 17 questions on these topics with accuracy in 30 minutes. 

Quantitative Ability
You should spend around 30 minutes to solve Quant questions and adopt the following strategy:

  • In the first attempt choose only most doable questions. 
  • Don't attempt such questions which are difficult or you are doubtful about their answers
  • Solve around 14 questions 

Final Attempt round

  • You have already solved doable 45-46 questions in 70-75 minutes
  • Now you are left with a little more difficult questions in Quant section. 
  • By now you have also gone through the entire question paper
  • You still have 45 minutes left to attempt the remaining test paper
  • In next 15 minutes try to attempt as many questions as possible in Verbal Ability section
  • Another half an hour should be devoted to solve questions in Quant section
  • Pick and choose the questions in Quant section without spending too much time on a particular one
  • Move on to maximise your attempts and avoid very difficult questions
  • Target 24 questions but do not feel bad if you are able to solve around 20 questions

Final submission

  • You have solved more than 60 questions by now
  • At even less than 90% accuracy, you can expect to be shortlisted for personal interview
  • Ensure that you have followed the instructions for attempting the exam 

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