CAT 2018 Registrations up at 2.41 Lakhs; 10000 More Candidates from last Year Apply for CAT this Year

CAT 2018 Registration up
Friday, September 28 2018, 10:35 AM
CAT 2018 registration number has crossed 2.41 lakh applicants making an upward swing with 10000 more candidates than last year registering for the CAT exam to be held on November 25. The CAT Registration analysis for past 8 years reveals that this year CAT registration is the highest since 2010. CAT 2018 registration and application process was closed at 11.59 PM on September 26, 2018 after getting an extension of 7 days from Sep 19 to 26

CAT 2018 registration number has gone up by 10000 candidates to 2.41 lakhs from 2.31 lakhs as compared to total last year CAT registrations. Confirming the increase in CAT 2018 registration number, Dr Sumanta Basu, Convener CAT 2018 & Faculty at IIM Calcutta has informed, “We will provide other information once the final list is ready. After conclusion of the application window, total number of successful applications (may not be unique) is more than 2.41 Lakhs.”

It implies that more than 2.41 lakh candidates have finally applied for admission to MBA 2019-21 in 20 IIMs and other top B-schools accepting CAT 2018 scores.

This year the CAT registration number as revealed by the CAT 2018 exam convener shares the figure for the candidates who have completed, submitted and have paid their registration fee. During the last CAT years only the registration number was released without any clear distinction between the number of candidates with paid or unpaid CAT registration fee.

CAT 2018 registration and application process was closed at 11.59 PM on September 26, 2018 after getting an extension of 7 days from September 19 to 26. IIM Calcutta has not announced any further extension in the CAT 2018 registration and application date

CAT: Past 8 Years Registration trends
CAT 2018 is marked with highest ever registrations recorded during past 8 years with 2.41 lakh candidates registering for the exam. Registrations for CAT 2018 have increased by 10000 over last year marking a percentage increase of 5%.

CAT 2018 has now broken past 8 years record with yet higher number of candidates registered for the exam. The high number of registrations and applications in CAT has been going through ups and downs in number of CAT applicants over the past many years. However, since 2014, CAT has been witnessing an upward trend in registrations.

The trends in CAT registrations since 2010 show a downward journey initially but since 2013 it has been showing a rising registration count reflecting the regaining trust of CAT aspirants and anticipation of better career opportunities after completing MBA/PGP from an IIM or other good B-school

CAT year
Total Registrations (In Lakhs)
CAT 2018
CAT 2017
CAT 2016
CAT 2015
CAT 2014
CAT 2013
CAT 2012
CAT 2011
CAT 2010

Source: CAT data and analysis

CAT Registrations: Yearly Analysis

CAT 2018
Breaking all the previous records CAT 2018 registrations have gone up to 2.41 lakhs increasing by 10000 over last year number. The Last date to apply for CAT 2018 was closed on September 26, 2018 at 11.59 PM after getting an extension of 7 days from September 19.

CAT 2017
CAT 2017 registration number had closed with 2.31 lakh applicants finally applying for 20 IIMs. According to Prof Neeraj Dwivedi, convener CAT 2017 and faculty at IIM Lucknow “We have a total of approximately 2.31 lakh registrations (Completed and fee paid).”  

CAT 2017 registration and application process was closed at 5PM on September 25, 2017 after getting an extension of 5 days from September 20 to 25.

CAT 2016
Belying the fears that CAT 2016 registration might get a dip as compared to last year, the registration count for CAT 2016 had broken past 6 years record since 2010 in number of registrations. The registration number went up to 2.32 lakhs. The extended deadline for CAT 2016 registration process was closed at 5 PM on September 27, 2016.

CAT 2015
CAT 2015 had the largest number of registrations in comparison to all other management entrance tests. CAT 2015 registration which had clicked the closing mark at 218664 applicants contained 69176 girls and 80 transgenders implying ever growing popularity of PGP programmes of  IIMs and other top rated B schools that accept CAT scores.

CAT 2014
Registration for CAT 2014 closed on September 30, 2014 with the registration count of 189,759 keeping in line with the trend of continuous dip in number of registrations. CAT Centre 2014 received number of requests and complaints from the candidates that due to technical glitches they could not register and make final payment. Considering the problem the registration for CAT 2014 was reopened on Oct 10, 2014 for one day.

The single day registration in CAT 2014 accounted for 7100 candidates and this enabled CAT Centre 2014 to surpass the registration count of CAT 2013 from 1.95 lakhs to 1.97 lakhs.

CAT 2013
CAT 2013 registration process got over on September 26, 2013. Around 1.96 lakhs of CAT 2013 vouchers were sold, while the total registrations for CAT 2013 closed at 1,94,516. Analysis of CAT 2013 registration data had females applicants count to nearly 30% of total registrations while applicants with engineering and technology background continued to dominate CAT registrations with around 70% of total share.

But as per the past trends in CAT, not all the registered number of candidates took the CAT 2013 and the total number of absentees in the test was more than 20,000. Revealing the facts, IIMs and Prometric admitted that although 194,516 was the number registered for CAT 2013 but actual test takers were only 173,738. The rate of non test takers remained the same at 11% in 2012 and 2013. 

CAT 2012
Number of applications in CAT 2012  increased by around 4.5 per cent. It was a good sign for MBA education in India and for MBA aspirants in particular as the economic slowdown began to melt then.

While around 2.15 lakh candidate bought the CAT 2012 vouchers, 2.14 lakh candidates actually registered themselves for the exam. 

CAT 2011
CAT 2011 witnessed a marginal rise of 1000 in the number of registrations. From 2.04 lakh in CAT 2010, the number of registrations reached 2.05 lakh in CAT 2011.

The significant change that was seen in CAT 2011 test pattern was that the test got clubbed into 2 sections with 30 questions in each section. From 2011 to 2013 CAT continued with this pattern only.

CAT 2010
CAT 2010 saw a dip in registrations from 2.42 lakhs in 2009 to 2.04 lakhs in 2010. The expectation of IIMs was to achieve a new high in registration in CAT 2010 as Prometric claimed to have done away with all the anticipated problems in CAT 2010. But despite all this the registration count dipped by more than 15%.

CAT 2010 had 3 sections with 60 questions equally divided among them. has right from the beginning been sharing the updates on CAT 2018. The CAT 2018 registration has made an upward swing and the extension of 7 days has yielded desired result. The charm of CAT as reflected by high registration number has not receded and with IIM Calcutta convening CAT 2018, the registration number has taken an upward trend keeping up with the glory of this top rated management institution.

CAT 2018 registration was opened on August 8, and after allowing a 45 days registration window was proposed to be closed on September 19, 2018. But number of candidates missed their CAT 2018 registration and the last date had to be extended by IIM Calcutta .

Keeping in view of the genuine requests of the candidates especially the flood affected states, CAT 2018 Centre subsequently decided to extend the last date of CAT 2018 registration for another 7 days from September 19 to September 26, 2018. The registration now finally stands closed with 2.41 lakh+ candidates registered for CAT 2018.

There are 147 test cities and more than 650 test venues where CAT 2018 will be conducted in a single day on November 25, 2018 in morning and afternoon sessions. The Admit Card for CAT 2018 can be downloaded from October 24 onwards.

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