FMS Delhi Final Placement 2019: Highest Salary Dips; Average Salary Up; 18 Students Seek Placement Holiday

Tuesday, April 16 2019
FMS Placement 2019
FMS Delhi Placement 2019 has concluded with a dip in highest salary which has gone down to 48 LPA from Rs.54 LPA last year but the average salary has shot up to Rs. 23.20 LPA from Rs.21.1 LPA last year. Out of the batch of 216 students, 198 participated in placement 2019 at FMS Delhi. The average package for women students has also gone up to Rs.25.10 LPA from Rs.22.6 LPA last year. 68 companies made 210 lucrative offers across the domains

FMS Delhi final Placement 2019 for the MBA 2017-19 batch has concluded with mixed note. While the highest salary has gone down to Rs.48 Lakhs in 2019 from Rs.54 Lakhs last year, the average salary for the batch has shot up at Rs.23.10 Lakhs from Rs.21.10 lakhs last year. Out of the batch of 216 students, 18 students have sought placement holiday. The significant achievement in FMS placement 2019 is the sharp rise in the average salary for women students as it has gone up at Rs.25.10 Lakhs this year from Rs.22.6 lakhs last year.

FMS Delhi Placement 2019: Key Highlights

  • Highest Domestic Package dips to Rs.48LPA from Rs.54LPA Last year
  • Overall Average Domestic Package up at Rs.23.10 LPA from Rs.21.10 LPA
  • Average package for women students up at Rs.25.10 LPA from Rs.22.6 LPA last year
  • Batch size 216 students; participated 198
  • Total offers received 210
  • Number of PPOs Made – 50
  • Number of PPOs accepted - 48
  • Number of Recruiters Making offers-68
  • Top Recruiting Domain-Sales & Marketing with 25% share

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Placement Trends: Analysis for Last 4 Years
The highest RoI B-school in India, FMS Delhi has yet again achieved 100% placement. There is substantial rise in the average salary across all the domains although the highest domestic salary has dipped as compared to last year.

FMS Delhi Placement 2019 has gone on record nullifying the speculation of economic slowdown and has again placed its MBA programme a shining star all around. Entire participating batch of 198 students got 210 placement offers in diverse domains at yet higher packages offered by more recruiters.   

There were 129 companies who confirmed their participation in placement 2019 at Faculty of management Studies (FMS) University of Delhi but only 68 could get the opportunity to make recruitment offers to the students.

Top 100 students of FMS Delhi received offers with an average salary package of Rs.27 lakhs in 2019 while 68% students got offers above Rs.20 lakhs per annum.

The average salary for women students got a jump to Rs.25.10 lakhs in Placement 2019 from Rs.22.6 lakhs last year. Key trends in compensation packages are:

Placement year
Average salary (Rs. in lakhs)
Highest salary (Rs. in lakhs)
Recruiters who made offers
Placement 2019
Placement 2018
Placement 2017
Placement 2016

Top Recruiters
Top recruiters at FMS Delhi in placement 2019 include Nestle, Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL), ITC, Reckitt Benckiser, BMW, Google, Bain & Company, The Boston Consulting Group, McKinsey, Accenture Strategy, Deloitte India, Capgemini, E.L.I.T.E., Flipkart, OYO, Amazon, UBER, Paytm, Microsoft among others.

The placement process at FMS Delhi was divided into 2 parts, the lateral and the final placement processes. Students with greater than 18 months of work experience prior to their MBA participated in the laterals placement process. Subsequently, the final placement process for the remaining students was held in 2019.

Entrepreneurship at FMS: 18 Students Pursue their Dream
For the fifth year in a row, a scheduling algorithm was run in the placement process to optimally match the company and student’s preferences during the recruitment exercise. To encourage entrepreneurship, FMS provides a placement holiday to students who wish to pursue their own ventures and allows them to participate in a subsequent placement process for up to two years, in case they want to avail the opportunity.

18 students of the MBA batch 2017-19 singed out of placement process and sough placement holiday to pursue their entrepreneurship dream.

50 PPOs Received: 48 Accepted
Companies offered 50 PPOs out of them 48 were accepted. FMS Delhi has a legacy of securing stellar placements, both in terms of the compensation and the wide variety of profiles on offer. Placement 2019 was no exception to this feat.

Domain Wise Placement
Students were offered roles in Consultancy & General Management, Sales & Marketing, BFSI, IT & Operations, and E-commerce among others.

Sales & Marketing emerged as the highest recruiting domain with 25% of the students getting diverse roles in this domain. In the FMCG sector, roles were offered in Consumer Electronics, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Retail, E-Commerce, Industrial Goods, Automobile sector. Top recruiters included Nestle, HUL, ITC, Reckitt Benckiser, BMW, Google among others.

18 percent batch was hired in Consulting domain; 16 per cent in Finance and 13 per cent in General Management. Top recruiters included Bain & Company, The Boston Consulting Group, McKinsey, Accenture Strategy, Deloitte India, Capgemini E.L.I.T.E., Flipkart, OYO among others. 

FMS Placement 2019: Statistics

  • No. of students appearing for placements – 198
  • No. of students in the Batch – 216
  • No. of students placed – 198
  • No. of students signed out/taking a placement holiday – 18
  • No. of offers – 210
  • No. of Pre-Placement Offers accepted – 48
  • No. of companies confirming participation – 129
  • No. of companies that made offers – 68
  • Average salary for top 100 students- Rs.27 Lakhs
  • Students receiving Salary above Rs.20 Lakhs-68%
  • Average salary for women students-Rs.25.10 Lakhs

Faculty of Management Studies (FMS), University of Delhi has a legacy of 65 years. Established in 1954, FMS Delhi is one of the top management institutes in India. It has developed distinct brand equity. The learners here challenge assumptions, think beyond visible limits, and add the value of excellence in whatever they do. FMS was established under the aegis of the University of Delhi. It is situated in the heart of North Campus neighboring some of best colleges and departments of the university.

FMS Delhi is a high ROI B school. If you want to do your MBA from a Premier B School without burning a hole in your pocket, FMS Delhi is the ideal option for you. No other top rated B School in India charges fees as low as Rs.12,000/- per year for a full time MBA degree. On certain counts doing MBA from FMS Delhi is better than doing it from a top IIM.

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