IIM Sambalpur Admission 2019: New Batch With 50% Females Leaves behind IIM Ahmedabad & Bangalore in Gender Diversity

IIM Sambalpur Admission 2019
Tuesday, July 09 2019, 12:28 PM
With highest number of 50% women students, IIM Sambalpur has left behind IIM Ahmedabad and Bangalore in gender diversity ratio. The new batch at IIM Ahmedabad and IIM Bangalore comprises 24% and 37% female students respectively. Although IIM Sambalpur does not have a very large number of students like these top IIMs, the relative proportion of women students is the highest and IIM Sambalpur becomes the first IIM with 50% gender diversity.

IIM Sambalpur new batch has witnessed sharp increase in gender diversity and has left behind IIM Ahmedabad and IIM Bangalore in terms of percentage of women students in the MBA batch 2019-21. IIM Sambalpur has recorded 50% women students in the new MBA batch while this ratio is between 24 and 37 percent at IIM Ahmedabad and IIM Bangalore. Till last year IIM Sambalpur had a low gender diversity.

The actual size of IIM Sambalpur MBA 2019-21 batch is much less than of any other top IIMs. However the gender diversity ratio of 50% at IIM Sambalpur is the highest so far. Out of the total 98 students joining IIM Sambalpur this year, 50 students are girls. In terms of percentage, it is more than 50%, although actual number is quite less.

IIM Sambalpur Vs Other Top IIMs
The MBA 2019-21 batch size with percentage of women students joining the IIMs is shared below:

IIM & its Batch size 2019-21
Female students in the batch
Percentage of female students
IIM Ahmedabad - 388
IIM Bangalore-441
IIM Kozhikode-485
IIM Indore - 476
IIM Sambalpur -98

In previous years, IIM Sambalpur had almost negligible gender diversity. IIM Sambalpur, Director Dr. Mahadeo Jaiswal said, "The number of the girls, taking admission in IIM Sambalpur is the highest among the IIMs in the country. Proper communication about the institution and the growth of the institution besides good placement record are the reasons, which attracted more number of girl students to this institution".

Significant Achievement for New IIM
According to Dr Jaiswal, IIM Sambalpur has worked hard towards improving the gender diversity and encouraging the females to enroll for admission. Despite the fact that many aspirants used to question the location of the institute, IIM Sambalpur made consistent effort to disseminate the proper information about the institute which resulted in high enrolment of the girls for admission.

The high increase in gender diversity, according to Dr Jaiswal, is the result of active policy decision changes which gave relaxation in the cut off to girls. The cut off for girls was reduced to 90 percentile while for boys it was 95 percentile in CAT 2018. The institute has also taken measures in spreading information about IIM Sambalpur MBA program.

Establishment of IIM Sambalpur located in the State of Odisha was announced by the Government of India in the Union Budget 2014 alongwith the 5 other IIMs. IIM Sambalpur commenced operation in 2015 with its first PGP batch comprising 49 students.

IIM Sambalpur, as of now, operates from the temporary premises allotted to it at Silicon Institute of Technology, Sambalpur and will continue operating from there till the 200 acre campus of IIM Sambalpur gets ready in next few years. The premises are equipped with hostel accommodation with spacious rooms and sufficient furniture. The hostel is in the vicinity of the first year classroom and in the premises of Silicon Institute of Technology, Sambalpur.

The students at IIM Sambalpur are getting the best learning experience and placement opportunities as IIM Indore is mentoring all activities at IIM Sambalpur till it moves to its permanent campus or IIM Sambalpur is able to handle these activities entirely on its own.

The faculty from IIM Indore is delivering courses at IIM Sambalpur during the mentorship period and till IIM Sambalpur own faculty are recruited.

The overall design, quality and delivery of PGP course is in accordance with the standards and with direct involvement of IIM Indore. Students at IIM Sambalpur have the opportunity to get learning from some of the best faculty members in the country today.

IIM Sambalpur experience combines the case study method supported by a team of high calibre faculty, and a tight-knit learning environment with close ties to industry to develop complete leaders who are ready to make an impact. 

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