MAT Result 2019

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MAT Result 2019: Dates, Check MAT May 2019 Scorecard 
Updated on May 18, 2019


MAT 2019 May exam result date is May 24, 2019. AIMA will declare the MAT exam result 2019 around 4 PM for all the three MAT exams held in the month of May 2019. All India Management Association (AIMA) is conducting MAT 2019 May exam in two phases. The first phase paper based MAT exam was held on May 5, the computer based MAT exam date is May 18 and phase-2 paper based MAT exam date is also May 18. All the MAT exams are conducted separately.  MAT exam result should be downloaded with MAT score card from official AIMA-MAT website. No hard copy of MAT score card will be sent to any candidate. 


MAT Exam Result 2019: Important Information

  • MAT exam May Result 2019 will be declared on AIMA’s official MAT website.  
  • Candidate should download individual MAT 2019 score card on MAT exam result date from official AIMA MAT Result 2019 website
  • MAT May Result will be available for download from 4PM onwards on May 24, 2019
  • MAT Score Card 2019 will be released along with the MAT result
  • MAT Exam Result May 2019 score card will not be sent by post or e-mail after declaration of AIMA MAT Result 2019
  • It has been made clear by AIMA that Score card to be downloaded from AIMA website only. No separate score card will be sent by post or email. 

MAT Result Date 2019 
There are three May MAT 2019 exams in the same month on different dates. However, the MAT exam result date for all the May MAT 2019 exams is the same as given below:

MAT 2019 May Exams
MAT 2019 Exam Date
MAT Result Date  2019
Phase-1 Paper Based MAT Exam
May 05, 2019
May 24, 2019
Computer Based MAT Exam
May 18, 2019
May 24, 2019
Phase-2 Paper Based MAT Exam
May 18, 2019
May 24, 2019

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How to Download AIMA MAT Result 2019?
If you are not aware how to download MAT Exam Result May 2019 on MAT Result date, You may miss your score card. Please note that on MAT Result date 2019 the individual MAT score card will be live on the AIMA website with the result.


You can download MAT Exam Result May 2019 with MAT score card in 4 steps. To download the AIMA MAT Result 2019, you should take following steps:

  • Step-1: Log on to AIMA official website on MAT Results Date: May 24, 2019 at 4 PM
  • Step-2: Enter your 6 digits Registration Form Number and 9 digits Roll No & Submit on MAT 2019 score card download link
  • Step-3: Your MAT exam Result with MAT 2019 score card is displayed on the screen
  • Step-4: Download the MAT Exam Result with MAT score card and take Print

Please note that the hard copy of AIMA MAT 2019 Result will not be sent individually to any candidate.


Important Points About MAT Results 2019 Download
Usually, candidates start looking for MAT results from the early morning on the MAT result date. It is of no use as AIMA MAT 2019 Result is published a little late. Important points to note about MAT results 2019 download process on MAT 2019 result date are:

  • You can download your MAT Results 2019 only from AIMA website on May 24, 2019 after 4 PM
  • A new exclusive official MAT Results website link to enable the MAT exam takers to view and download their MAT results 2019 & score card with the name ‘MAT Result May 2019’ has been created by AIMA on its official website. The MAT Results website will be activated by AIMA on May 24, 2019 at 4 PM. 
  • The MAT Result May 2019 remains valid for MBA admission 2019, so you can use your MAT score for MBA admission 2019 in all the MBA colleges

MAT Results May 2019 on SMS 
To Know the MAT result May 2019 on your mobile phone, you need to SMS as : MATS FORMNO DOB(ddmmyy) to 54242. For example: MATS 200391 030985 to 54242. This is applicable to All Phone Operators


You can get MAT exam result now on SMS in 2 short steps:

To Know the Result :

SMS as : MATS FORMNO DOB(ddmmyy) to 54242
Eg: MATS 200391 030985 to 54242
It is applicable to All Phone Operators


For MAT May 2019 Exam Analysis, click here  


MAT Exam Result May 2019: Key Components in Score Card​

  • MAT exam result contains 5 sectional scores: Language Comprehension, Mathematical Skills, Data Analysis & Sufficiency, Intelligence & Critical Reasoning and Indian & Global Environment
  • The MAT exam result will also have your Composite Score
  • Scores on Language Comprehension, Mathematical Skills, Data analysis & Sufficiency and Intelligence & Critical Reasoning in MAT 2019 May exam result will be reported on scales ranging from 0 to 100
  • Scores below 20 or above 80 are rare in MAT exam result
  • The Composite Score in AIMA MAT Result May 2019 will be reported on a scale ranging from 199 to 801
  • Extreme scores below 200 or above 800 are uncommon AIMA MAT Result May 2019. These uncommon scores in MAT results i.e. all below 200 are reported as 199 and all above 800 are reported as 801.
  • For the score on section - Indian & Global Environment, a separate score in MAT results 2019 is reported on a scale from 0 to 100 as this section is not taken into account to calculate the percentile score and merit position. Again the scores below 20 or above 80 are rare in this section.
  • The composite Score in MAT result is arrived at using the first 4 sections of the test only because these sections relate to specific skills that one acquires over a long period of time.
  • Equal weightage is assigned to all these 4 sections in MAT exam result.
  • Along with the 6 scores, a percentile figure is also given below the score in the score card for MAT Results
  • Each of these indicates the percentage of MAT examinees who scored below the Candidate based on the entire MAT testing population for the test.
  • The percentile figure in MAT result May 2019 may change marginally as it happens with each MAT exam. 

MAT 2019: How to Check your Composite score?
Your one correct answer in MAT exam roughly carries 5 marks in your final Composite Score. Accordingly 160 marks are converted to 800 marks. On the basis of this Composite score, you will get your percentile in MAT results 2019.


The Composite Score in MAT results are reported on a scale ranging from 199 to 801, but extreme scores below 200 or above 800 are uncommon. These uncommon scores i.e., all below 200 are reported as 199 and all above 800 are reported as 801.


Each individual MAT exam is held after 3 months, the test may be slightly more or less difficult than another. These slight differences are accounted for during the scaling process. As a result of these adjustments, equal scaled scores in MAT result represent about the same level of ability, as measured by the MAT test, regardless of the administration or when the MAT exam was taken.


MAT cut offs in MBA colleges accepting MAT score
Around 300 institutes will offer MBA admission 2019 on the basis of MAT 2019 exam result.  These institutes are autonomous, University B-schools offering MBA degree, private PGDM colleges.


MAT Composite score cut offs in these MBA colleges accepting MAT scores vary from institute to institute. Apart from the overall MAT cut offs, many of the MAT accepting colleges also consider MAT sectional cut offs in shortlisting the candidates. 


How to Apply For Colleges after MAT?
The common query from the candidates who are taking May MAT 2019 is what to do after MAT result? Which colleges I should apply after MAT 2019 May Result is declared? How to apply in colleges after getting MAT score card, since despite scoring high in MAT 2019 May exam, not many options seem to be available? What would be MAT selection process in the colleges accepting MAT score?


All these questions are but natural as the admission process in many MAT colleges in every state is to close shortly and it is also not clear that even after applying for the admission based on May  MAT  2019 result & score card, whether the application will be entertained for MBA/PGDM admission by the management institute.


Relax Now! All these queries about what to do after May MAT result 2019 and which MBA college should you apply after declaration of MAT result are addressed and clarified below by experts.


What to do after MAT 2019 May Exam Result? Your Activity Schedule
MAT 2019 May Exam Result declaration Date is May 24. MAT result is declared around 4 PM alongwith the MAT score card. Immediately after MAT exam result declaration you should take following steps:

  • Login to AIMA MAT Website
  • Click on Downloads
  • Click on Download May MAT 2019 Score Card
  • Check your Composite Score, sectional percentile and overall percentile
  • Take Print of your MAT score card
  • Get ready to apply in colleges after getting MAT score card

How to Apply for Colleges after MAT Result? Step by Step Process
AIMA has published a list of 300 management institutes who will accept May MAT 2019 exam score for MBA/PGDM admission 2019. Besides, there are about 300 MBA colleges in Maharashtra who will also accept MAT exam score for MBA admission from All India category candidates.


Since MAT 2019 May Result date is May 24 and the MBA/PGDM 2019-21 batch commences in the month of July/August in many top MBA colleges under MAT exam, you will have sufficient time to apply for admission in the preferred colleges. 


Please note that your May MAT 2019 score card is sent without any additional fee by AIMA to 5 preferred MBA colleges if you appear in only PBT or CBT MAT exam and to 7 MBA colleges if you are appearing in both CBT and PBT exams. The preference is exercised while submitting your MAT application form


The step by step process with important facts to apply for colleges after MAT result declaration is shared below:

  • Select from the list of the MBA colleges accepting MAT exam score for admission
  • Check your MAT Score Card and match it with the expected MAT Cut off in admission at the MBA college
  • Check the AICTE/UGC approval/recognition status of  programs directly from the concerned Authorities before applying
  • Some of the MAT accepting colleges may not accept May MAT 2019 score for admission, despite their confirmation to AIMA MAT. So you need to recheck

MAT 2019 Admission Process
Although there are around 600 MBA colleges applying MAT cut offs for admission, there in no common selection process or common counselling process for MAT. Each MBA college has its own MAT selection process for MBA admission although each one of them will consider overall MAT exam score. Below are major steps in the MAT selection process at the MBA college:

  • Step-1: Submit Application to the Management Institute with May MAT score card
  • Step-2: Check Shortlist announced by the MBA college for final selection round
  • Step-3: Participate in the final MAT selection process at the designated venue 
  • Step-4: All the MBA colleges using MAT score for admission conduct Group Discussion (GD)/ Writing Ability Test (WAT) and Personal Interview (PI) as final selection criteria apart from MAT exam score

MAT Results validity and past trends

  • As per the past trends, MAT Results 2019 will award maximum 800 score in scaled form.
  • MAT results 2019 and MAT exam scores are valid for 1 year from the date of MAT result declaration for admission to MBA/PGDM programmes in the MBA colleges accepting MAT scores.
  • MAT 2019 result & score card is valid through MBA admission 2019 depending upon the admission process of MAT score accepting MBA colleges

AIMA MAT Result 2019 May scores will be sent to the Management Institutes (MIs) as well as to the candidates by AIMA. It helps the institutes to use MAT score appropriately while finalizing their admission criteria.


Any MBA college - national or international - can consider MAT exam result as an admission input based on the MAT Score Cards issued to the candidates.


MAT Exam Result: Check Details before Download 
MAT Result and MAT scorecard download process will begin at 4PM on the MAT Result date. The MAT score card is available for download from AIMA website. You can view your MAT Results first and after checking the details, can download your MAT 2019 May score card by entering your Roll number and form number as given below


mat result


MAT 2019 May Exam Score Card
Your MAT 2019 Score Card will contain the Scaled Score, Percentile score and Composite score. Sample MAT Score card is shared below: 


With the MAT May 2019 Result, candidates can apply to 300 B-schools for MBA/PGDM Admission 2019.


MAT 2019 Result: Date & Download Process Summarised

  • AIMA is the authority to declare the MAT 2019 exam result
  • The expected MAT 2019 May result date is May 24
  • MAT results are expected sometime after 4PM 
  • View and Download your MAT Results in simple steps
  • Score cards for May MAT 2019 exam result will be made available by AIMA on its site.
  • The score card can be downloaded from the AIMA website. Provision of getting a duplicate score card for the test from AIMA is also there. 
  • Logon to AIMA MAT Official website
  • Go to Result page
  • Window will open with the fields asking for your login details
  • Enter your MAT May 2019 Roll number in the given space
  • Enter your MAT Form Number
  • Enter the month of Test as May 2019
  • Click on Submit button
  • It will display your MAT 2019 score card.

MBA Colleges in India accepting MAT; Cut offs MBA Colleges in Delhi NCR accepting MAT; Cut offs
MBA Colleges in Bangalore accepting MAT; Cut offs MBA Colleges in Mumbai accepting MAT; Cut offs
MBA Colleges in Pune accepting MAT; Cut offs MBA Colleges in Hyderabad accepting MAT; Cut offs
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