SNAP 2018 Percentile Predictor

SNAP 2018 Exam date is December 16, 2018. SNAP has gone online with the test duration of 2 hours from 2PM to 4PM. SNAP is considered a lengthy exam with 150 questions with 4 sections and carrying individual sectional cut offs and to be solved in 2 hours time.


As SNAP 2018 will be the online computer based test, it may not be possible for the candidates to have access to SNAP question paper and answer keys. To help you to know about your expected percentile in SNAP 2018 exam, this SNAP percentile predictor can help you to know which Symbiosis B-school you could get based on your percentile.


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How does SNAP Percentile predictor can help you more!

  • SNAP Percentile predictor helps you to know what score you could get on the basis of your performance in SNAP 2018 exam in each of the four sections.
  • SNAP percentile predictor predicts how much sectional and overall percentile you would get in SNAP exam on the basis of your raw score in SNAP exam that you expect to get.
  • The more you are accurate in anticipating your raw score, the nearer you are to predict your SNAP percentile.

How it is prepared
Symbiosis International University has shared the process of scoring and normalization which is used to prepare SNAP percentile on the basis of raw score leading to scaled score and finally getting the shape of SNAP percentile. Similarly, the websites and preparation centres also use this methodology.


For reporting purposes, Scaled Scores for each section (Section I: General English: Reading Comprehension, Verbal Reasoning, Verbal Ability; Section II: Quantitative Data Interpretation & Data Sufficiency; Section III: Current Affairs; Section IV: Analytical & Logical reasoning and Total along with the Percentiles shall be published.


The process of Normalization is an established practice for comparing candidate scores across multiple Forms and is similar to those being adopted in other large educational selection tests conducted in India.


Who offers SNAP 2018 Percentile Predictor
SNAP Percentile predictor is prepared and formulated by number of websites and preparation centres like, CL, TIME, IMS, VistaMind. All the SNAP 

percentile predictors claim to be very near to predict your SNAP percentile. But no one can claim that this is the exact percentile you will get in SNAP 2018 since it depends on number of factors on which your SNAP percentile score depends. A few of them are outlined below:

  • Total number of candidates appeared in SNAP exam
  • Relative performance by your peers
  • Difficulty level in SNAP exam
  • Section-wise difficulty level in SNAP exam

It is very much possible that despite scoring very high raw score you may not get a high percentile of 95+ in one instance, in other instance it is also possible that even after scoring a low raw score you may score a high percentile in SNAP exam. 


How SNAP Percentile Predictor be helpful to you
Once you know how much percentile in SNAP you will get – sectionwise as well as overall, you may anticipate whether you could be shortlisted for SIBM Pune, SCMHRD Pune, SIIB Pune, SIBM Bangalore or SIOM Nashik. In case you find that your expected percentile in SNAP 2017 may not be so high, or in one of the four sections, you may get a low percentile, you may be on your guard and will be able to look for other good B-schools where admission process is open.


SNAP percentile predictor depends upon the Input, Process and output criteria. Whatever raw score you report – sectionwise and overall, it will be processed and expected percentile will be arrived at. If your raw score is far from reality, you may not get nearer to your accurate percentile prediction.