TISSNET 2019 Syllabus

TISS NET 2019 exam date is January 13, 2019. Good score in TISS NET 2019 will lead to admission in various reputed courses of Tata Institute of Social Sciences. These courses leading to Master's Degree as much sought after by MBA aspirants.  The syllabus for TISS- NET, the entrance exam of Tata Institute of Social Sciences, is more or less similar to other major MBA entrance examinations. We provide below a comprehensive but not exhaustive list of topics of different sections for TISS NET:


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Logical Reasoning
Number Series, Alphabet Series, Eye for detail, Statement Conclusion/Assumption/Arguments, Logical Connectivity, Linear/Circular/Family Arrangement, Venn Diagram, Puzzles, Cubes
Data Interpretation
Bar graph, Tables, Pie chart, Double pie chart, Case lets, multiple graphs, Line graphs, Data comparison
Quantitative Ability
Profit and Loss, Averages, Basic Geometry, Ratio and Proportion, Percentages, Time –Distance & Speed, Number System,
Verbal Ability
Antonyms, Analogies, Odd word out, Word substitute in a sentence, Right usage of words in fill in the blank, Right usage of word in match the following, Fill in the Blanks – Homophones, Idioms - Fill in the blank, Idioms - Match the following, Error spotting - grammar/words/ punctuation, Sentence Correction
Reading Comprehension
Purpose of the passage, Strengthen and Weaken, Assumption and Supporting Statement, Flaw and Discrepancy, Inference and Conclusion Drawn, Passage based questions, Author's Point of View, Main idea of the passage.
General Awareness
Environment & ecology, Politics/History/Governance/Law, Economy/ Policy, International politics/ current events, Gender/Health/Education, Labor, Media/ICTs/Literature/Art/Culture, Sports


Area Wise Distribution of Marks
The 6 areas of TISSNET 2019 will consist of 100 questions on following topics. It is expected that TISSNET 2019 would award following weightage:

TISSNET 2019 Test Component
General Awareness
English Proficiency 
Maths and Logical Reasoning


 Section wise Syllabus


General Awareness (GK)
General Awareness (GK) in TISSNET 2019 will be of 40 marks and is proposed to consist of 40 questions in MCQ format. The GK syllabus of TISSNET will cover the following important topics:

  • Environment & ecology
  • Politics/History/Governance/Law
  • Economy/ Policy
  • International politics/ current events
  • Gender/Health/Education
  • Labour
  • Media/ICTs/Literature/Art/Culture
  • Sports

English Proficiency
English Proficiency section in TISSNET 2019 will be of 30 marks and will be divided into two parts – Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension. The questions in this section will be based on following major topics:


Verbal Ability (VA)
The questions on Verbal Ability (VA) will command the lion’s share in English proficiency section. It is expected that there would be 25 questions, out of 30 questions only on VA in TISSNET 2018.

  • Antonyms
  • Analogies
  • Odd word out
  • Word substitute in a sentence
  • Right usage of words in fill in the blank
  • Right usage of word in match the following
  • Fill in the Blanks -Homophones
  • Idioms - Fill in the blank
  • Idioms - Match the following
  • Error spotting -grammar/words/ punctuation
  • Sentence Correction

Reading Comprehension (RC)
Reading Comprehension (RC) questions are around 5-6 in English Proficiency section which has 30 questions in total. It is expected that there would be one RC passage in TISSNET 2018 followed by 5-6 questions. Questions are usually straight and can be solved with attentive reading of RC Passage.

  • Purpose of the passage
  • Strengthen and Weaken
  • Assumption and Supporting Statement
  • Flaw and Discrepancy
  • Inference and Conclusion Drawn
  • Passage based questions
  • Author's Point of View
  • Main idea of the passage

Maths and Logical Reasoning section in TISSNET will be of 30 marks. This section in TISSNET 2019 would consist of Mathematics, Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation. It is expected that there would be around 7 to 10 questions on Mathematics in TISSNET 2019. The topics on which questions are to be based would be as under:

  • Profit and Loss
  • Averages
  • Basic Geometry
  • Ratio and Proportion
  • Percentages

Logical Reasoning (LR)
TISSNET awards about 50% weight to Logical Reasoning (LR) in Mathematics section. It is expected that there would be around 15 questions on LR in TISSNET 2019 out of the total questions in Mathematics section. Important topics in LR syllabus are:

  • Number Series
  • Alphabet Series
  • Eye for detail
  • Statement Conclusion/Assumption/ Arguments
  • Logical Connectivity
  • Linear/Circular/Family Arrangement
  • Venn Diagram
  • Puzzles
  • Cubes

Data Interpretation (DI)
Mathematics section in TISSNET 2019 will also have around 5 to 8 questions on Data Interpretation (DI) out of total 30 questions. Important topics in DI Syllabus of TISSNET are:

  • Bar graph
  • Tables
  • Pie chart
  • Double pie chart
  • Case lets
  • Multiple graphs
  • Line graphs
  • Data comparison